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  1. Hi there, I have been using a aqua gate full system for awhile now on a socket 939 cpu without issues. My new 775 intel core 2 duo arrived today and i began trying to set the unit up with that. Unfortunatley the bracket shown on the coolermaster website isn't present. Actually, it looks like the bracket on the site is out of date and doesnt fit the new cpu water blocks provided with the aqua gate. I called my supplier who kindly opened one of their boxes and had a look inside for me to ensure i hadnt lost mine. They confirmed I still had all the parts listed in the contents list and that it should fit a s775 cpu. Unfortunately - muggins here has lost the user manual and can't find one to download. Can someone either explain to me how to install on 775 or point me to a user manual? Thanks in advance guys :-D