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  1. Hello, I've got a cosmos S and the power button died... I've wrote to the support and I've been told that "We expect new ones in about 8-12 weeks." ... just a question WHAT THE HECK I SHOULD DO FOR 2/3 months? I've to use a screewdriver each time I turn of the pc? since the store doesn't have a replacement? Ok my case is 3 years old so totally out of warranty and I would pay for the replacement, but having to wait 3 months (hoping it will be avaiable next, since I've read a lot of people that have waited SIX month and then no part arrived)... what should I do? change the case probably would be the best choise, totally disappointed with this policy... replacement parts should be avaiable in 1/2 weeks (and it's a huge time),not 8-12.... Thanks sorry for my "explosion" but can't agree with that policy at all.
  2. Hello, I always haven't took care about chassis, but know looking at coolermaster's website, I've seen that some are really cool and even not so much expensive. I was wondering wich chassis mets my needs bests, here's my configuration 1x AMD X2 4200+ (Stock cooler) Manchester die 1x Asus A8N-sli se 2x hard drive 300GB sata2 2x DVD-rom (Pioneer dvdr-111d + liteon dvd-rom) 1x 7900GT geforce 4x 512MB ram DDR 400 modules 1x Sound blaster live2 I wish to upgrade, in a second step to liquid-cooler, so my question is, wich chassis is best for me? for liquid-cooler I wish to put radiator inside, and not to have other components external. I've seen this: ... ist_en.pdf but is doesn't contains new chassis as 532,534,540..... What u suggest? right now in idle I'm at 42°C for CPU, is it ok? Thanks Bests