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  1. yeah, 4 screws but in an awkward position shouldn't take too long to get it off
  2. Measured the distance from the mobo to the 160.5 mm mark and it looks liket the 80mm fan holder on the case door will interfere with the heat sink.
  3. Anyone have the ultra-120 extreme cpu cooler and know if it will fit inside the CM Stacker (STC-T01). The heatsink is 160mm tall and the case is 227mm? . Just need verification before i buy the heatsink
  4. Hochi

    CM support :)

    i did have 2 minor issues while installing everything. 1. The floppy mounting bracket (with the black mounting bracket) seemed a tiny bit too wide or my floppy driver was. I had to use some force to put the floppy drive into the slot. 2. The right door and the hole the screw goes into. It feels like the first threads isn't matchting the screw. The screw would go in with a screwdriver but not if I used my hand. Otherwise everything else worked fine
  5. Hochi

    CM support :)

    update: received it in 2 days
  6. Hochi

    CM support :)

    oops I'm in the U.S.
  7. Hochi

    CM support :)

    First off , sorry if this is the wrong section for this post. But I would like to say thanks for CM support. I sent an email requesting the fixed PCI bracket for the Stacker and I recieved an email the very next day saying it was shipped. Now that is the sign of a company that cares about it's customers. Thanks