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  1. I remove the filter on the side bracket, I'm only using one fan at bottom-rear, and the temp immediately go down 6 degree celcius for the MB and also 6 degree for the video card. Maybe more dust later but it's really a big difference.
  2. For the door let say it's ok now. thanks
  3. Well good news, Coolermaster ship me a new MB tray and top cover today. I'll keep you update. Just hoping for the best. Afterall it's still a nice case.
  4. I didn't test it yet, but can I use one 120mm fan frame in the side braket and put it on the front ? I want to use novibes 3 rack for my raptor since the 4 in 3 module don't really do a good job against vibration being transmit to the case. No mention in the manual. thanks
  5. Hi, you didn't read my post carefully, I said I RMA coolermaster already, send them pictures as requested. Sorry never had any problem with any case including thermaltake, Inwin, Antec and even noname. Come on, you said every cases will have problems, you must be joking or were refering to any coolermaster cases maybe ATX case follow a well define norm with specs that exist since many, many years. Manufacturer use them. Or maybe I'm wrong and they just improvise. I readed many, many reviews before purchase, none of them mention PSU plate or PCI panel to be a problem. Anyway since when do you have to worry, before purchasing a case, will my cards fit in the PCI slots ? Come on !
  6. Unbelievable, you're telling me this like it was perfectly normal to go to the harware store to install your PSU. Also removing some rivets sound like business as usual !!!! And you probably never told them like thousand of other who did their own modification. I understand now. Thanks you.
  7. I've been assembling computer for 15 years, for me and friends. It's the first time I bought such an expensive case and It's also the first time in my life I encounter so many problems with a case. This is really a poorly design case, it's a shame since it had potential. 1-First of all NO cards would fit without bending them first, incredible, why did they put so tiny holes at the bottom of the PCI slots ??? Even when it fit, my X-fi still cannot be fit in the PCI slot, so no sound for now. 2-The PSU plate would not fit my PSU, I had to bent a corner ! Antec neo He 550 3-Bad painting on plastic, full of black spots. 4-Door didn't close properly at first, but I work it out, after some scratch on top cover. 5- Side panels are difficult to close I exchange my first case because of scratch on aluminium and bad painting and bad PCI panel. I thought the new one would be better, wrong it's worst. When we pay 300$ CND for a case we should expect quality and no hassle. The whole PCI panel issue is inexcusable, I never see that kind of problem, a 300$ CND case shouldn't have this problem. I RMA coolermaster, I expect to receive a new MB tray, but this is a lot of trouble, so you want to buy a Stacker 830 ? Be mentally prepare See Pictures http://www.esnips.com/web/dgaj625sBusin ... ge=1#files