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  1. I am on tijean's side on this one. I read multiple reviews and not one of them said anything about the PSU plate. I did read some forum reports of some people having probs with the PCI insertion but never on a review. I have also had many, many cases and never had so many probs. On top of it all I have been trying to get a response from cm for well over a week. I phoned them and they said to Email them a pic and invoice, and not a word. Craptastic I say. Had high hopes, it comes down to how fast they help me out, but reading some other posts on the forum here, my hopes arent to high. Funny thing is people make fun of Termaltake, and I have never had one problem.... Edit... Just recieved tracking number for replacement parts. Has quelled my fears of getting hooped or wait forever on getting the case operational. Will let you know how it goes when I get the replacemnt.
  2. I too have this issue and phoned Cooler Mater because I know Emailing gets you nowhere and they tell me to email them a pic and a scan of the invoice. Well, I have sent 4 emails over the course of a week and nothing. It is pretty hard to justify spending this kinda cash on a case and they ditch you the second anything goes wrong. I dont want them to airlift me a new one tomorrow, I just want them to say that they recieved my email and they will be sending one out in the next 10 or so days. This is not dircted at the mods of this site, but you have to see our point. Warranty is always built into the price of wht you buy, so them not fullfilling it is like stealing to me. I dont like it, especially when I spent time on hold, long distance, to negate the stupid Email runaround. There, I vented.... Edit.... I was just emailed the tracking code for my replacement tray by support staff. Perhaps I was too harsh in my post. I view CM support to be good based on the turnaround that happend today. Look forward to my 830 experience now:)