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  1. Don't know if I've a messy memory, btu I think it needs to be ironed for being completely flat. Well, not max heat of course, just a lil bit. But I might be mistaken.
  2. OK, I thought about something... I could use some plexi or polycarbonate, create the support for my radiator and it's fans and then fix that on the re-cut top of my case, would be cheaper AND it's possible to keep a clean look on my case... Now, can someone help me find some good plexi manufacturer or reseller near brussels, which would create it on demand? I know cutting plexi is a pain in the a*se and as I screwed up my top, well, don't want to redo the same mistakes with the plexi plate... I'd like to have some border cuts like the windows CM uses on it's window panels... In fact, that could be an idea for CoolerMaster: create top windows that match the sidepanel windows... No?
  3. I know, even though it's still sold in some shops, but no negative thinking here please ^^
  4. Hello, had a rough time lately, and couldn't find the time to get back on the forum... I've finally got some stuff I needed to continue my casemod for my watercooling, and I finally saw what I feared most The holes to fix my 120.3 radiator (well the fans attached to it) don't match the ones with my fans... Which means: I can't do anything unless I can replace the top with a new one, with the holes well-drilled this time. I wanted to know if I could buy a new top (without top fan mount/grill) for an ATC-101 SX4 case with the needed holes drilled or at least some pre-drill holes in it. (sorry, don't know how to say it correctly) I'll explain: I'd like to buy, if possible of course, a plain top compatible with my case (hope it's still possible ) with: 1) the correct holes for fanscrews and ventilation in it (I can provide you with the pdf showing the placement of the fans, pdf which can be found through the site), which would really be great of course. OR 2) the same plain top with only predrilled holes (so I only have to put the right dimension of cutting hardware), meaning center of 12cm holes and center of fanmount holes. I sincerely hope it's possible and at a not too high price. Otherwise, I shall have to look for another case and dump that one
  5. Damn, not compatible with Thermalright heatsinks Unless I find two cheapo fans to hollow out and fix the DualStorm on...
  6. Depending on the rest of your setup, your 300W PSU won't be able to keep the pace...
  7. I need two of them, for my dual CPU... *wetpuppyeyeslook*
  8. Here you got it: ... dualstorm/ Conclusions: only bad thing is sound level when at full... Maybe two of them for my server if I can get my hands on it... But I have not much time to wait unfortunately...
  9. Life is hard. Even though I won't buy it. I've paid too much already for my watercooling rig (Thermochill 120.3, Tank-O-Matic, Fusion HL...). Btw, I'm wanting to buy a Silver TDX from DangerDen, but I'll need to be sure to sell my cascade at a good price... If you know somebody interested...
  10. I prefer Xice to Zalman -> more style and as silent. Performance is very close AND, it's not as big as the reserator. If you wanna know what I'm talking about -> Xice EC900 or EC600 kits XICE website Btw, there's a brand which creates reserator-like reservoirs, WACC...
  11. production costs. They've prolly one manufacturing line for the sidepanels and if they need to create two colours, they'll loose money as one colour is less demanded. And what will they do with all these created panels they can't sell? Don't forget, brands appear, other dissappear. If you don't wanna disappear, you'll have to avoid taking unnecessary risks. I prefer seeing CM takibg the safe side. If demand is there, they'll go for it.
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    Yup, me too...