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  1. Yea, that green-to-black test is just not enough. I ended up buying an Antek power supply tester from Circuit City, and stumbled across the fact that the Antek 2-slot slot-fan I'd also gotten at CC caused the power supply to lock up when attached. Antek now has 1 win and 1 loss. I chucked that packaging weeks ago, so no return. Lucky for me, I had found a bunch of 1-slot fans for $5.25 each shipped, and installed a couple of those instead. And one of the peripheral plugs, on the cable that ends with the floppy power connector, is bad. When I use it on my master HD, the drive goes AWOL. Not enough of a hassle to send it back, since I had a few splitters to bring power down from the other cable. So I boot now, and am struggling to get XP SP2 to install, but otherwise the computer is working. Thanks to those who helped...
  2. Not STUPID, just not something I can up and do. It doesn't seem nice to buy a PSU from Best Buy then return it once I'm done, and borrowing isn't feasable since nobody I know has the right PSU lying around. The PSU that powered the computer I'm replacing doesn't have the right cables for this ASUS board. Now, if I don't get anywhere on retesting and NEED to buy another PSU, that's another story. I'll get fed up paying for RMAs really fast. That's why I need to know what to do with this one to prove it should be working...
  3. I bought it from ZipZoomFly a few weeks back for use with an ASUS P5W DH Deluxe. Installed it, no action beyond green light on MB and a blink of the light inside the PSU. Tech support said jumpering green to black with a paperclip would at least spin the fan, and when I tried that nothing happened, so I RMA'd it. New PSU arrives, and I installed it without pre-testing. And it failed to work again beyond green light. This time, I jumped green to black with my multimeter and read 4.95 volts but no spin. So now what? Is there a specific test that I should do to prove this PSU died in transit? I'm assuming the hole in the plastic bag around the blackbox was from a pre-shipping test. Since the paperclip test hasn't worked, I've been assuming no ground problem with the MB is at fault...