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    ! Improvement on the Notepal U3

    Thank you very much neverXmiss, I requested for the parts, I'll post after I get a feedback =) Hoping for the best.
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    ! Improvement on the Notepal U3

    Hi guys, I searched the forum and didn't find a nibble on U3 topic so I decide to make a new one! I have tested the Strike Force SF-19 and the U3 on my laptop, running 4 same programs: -browser -eden eternal on high graphics -iTunes -Left4Dead on high graphics The SF-19 hold my temperature to 92C while the U3 hold better at 88C Therefore, I concluded to get the U3 (which I already did) and also I ordered another "U3 OEM Package" which is the 3 fans for U3. Now, the problem is, the "U3 OEM Package" doesn't come with the "clip on case" the fan case that can attach to the holes of U3. My question is, where can I find that "clip on case" anywhere on the web? Can anyone be kind enough to give me a link. Thank you very much. PS: This is tested on Gateway Gaming P-79, each laptops will requires different coolers, SF-19 is great but U3 is what I need for P-79. For instance the Apple, it don't have vents underneath, thus, the SF-19 will work better than the U3 for MaCs. Do your own research on "how to choose the right cooler for your laptop". Peace*