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  1. nickster_uk

    Coolermaster Vortex PWM problems...

    You are a genius It's now running sligthly faster than advertised but it's a little noisy....but i'd rather the noise than a hot cpu. Thank you once again for your help....i've email Coolermaster twice on this issue and they haven't been any help at all
  2. nickster_uk

    Coolermaster Vortex PWM problems...

    Hi negatory.....that looks like an excellent solution but before I either fry myself or my board, can you let me know if the wire to use has to be a certain type please? I'm not that hot on electrical knowledge so I don't wanna jump straight in and do something that causes more problems. Also, this may seem like another dumb question....but how do I connect the wires?? Would I have to crack open the housing or can I just slide the wire in both pins? Thanks again for the suggestion
  3. nickster_uk

    how to adjust fan speed?

    Cool...does the fan speed work on your new one? If yes, what make/model is it please?
  4. nickster_uk

    how to adjust fan speed?

    Hi kaging....have you managed to get your problem sorted yet? I have bought a Vortex TX fan and i can't get mine to spin faster than 2089RPM's! My MoBo supports PWM and it all looks to be set up correctly but no matter how hot my CPU gets, the fan refuses to spin any faster???
  5. nickster_uk

    Coolermaster Vortex PWM problems...

    Hi... A li'l help would be cool I recently bought a Coolermaster Vortex CPU fan which is supposed to be able to reach 3200RPM by PWM. However, I can't seem to get it to run raster than 2083RPM which isn't good enough as when my CPU starts to get hot, my fan isn't protecting it so my system usually crashes. The PWM settings in BIOS are set and it works with my old stock fan but for some reason the Vortex will not function as it should do. Can you please advise on anything I can try to make the fan go faster when I need to extra cooling?? Many thanks.. Nick