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  1. No I understand that I only have to send the pc parts to Ontario. The fact is that they will ship the parts to Taiwan to test them. I mean can't they test them in Ontario where I shipped them? Those Taiwan techs must be good! Or they have no techs in Canada which is really a shame for a company selling a lot of products here. Anyway thanx for your quick reply Ron.
  2. Hi, I bought a Aquagate liquid cooling system and the acrylic block cracked. They sent me a RMA form but they are saying that the damaged parts of my system (graphic card, sound card, mobo, etc.) and the cracked waterblock must be tested in Taiwan. Well is that a normal? You are telling me to ship them in the Canadian province of Ontario then you are going to ship them in Taiwan???? Can't you test them in Canada? Thanx, SquareP