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  1. Hi, I have an Aquagate ALC-U01.. the water stop circulating and I think the problem is the pump. Can I still RMA this unit? or is there anyway I can get a new pump for it or where I can purchase one for replacement? I think my 2 year warranty is up but I would like to know if possible If I can still get this replace. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Thank you ts_123, for the update on my status I appreciate it. I was wondering what is the difference between AG ALC-U01 water block and RL-HUC-E8U1 water block? They look very simlar from the images on the cooler master website and others. Is there any new changes on the new one? Thanks again! looking forward to receiving it yay quietness!
  3. The RMA number is automatically issued to you once you complete the RMA from and provide a copy of your invoice. Here is what you need to do: > support > RMA > personal or end-users and then just fill out the form. Once you have the RMA number and you ship the waterblock to us, we will replace it with one of the new waterblocks. Thank you, for the info I did what you suggest. I didn’t get an RMA at first because I didn’t provide an invoice. But luckily the shop my brother-in law got it from still has the purchased on file. I sent it a week ago I was wondering how long does RMA process usually takes? My RMA status is still pending but I think it was already delivered. Maybe I’m just a little impatience but I can’t stand the noises from the cpu cooler that I’m using now. I missed my aquagate and the quietness lol. RMA#: R0822061 Regards
  4. Yes, everything is working properly. But I still have a problem with this system which is the water block. I recently post about the water block being cracked but it doesn’t seem to be leaking though. I'm using the system right now and everything seems fine. I email the CM RMA support a couple of days ago about it and just received there email from them. They just told me RMA it to them. But they didn’t email me a RMA number not sure if I need it but I have no clue where to send it to. So I'm waiting for another email from them on the procedure for the RMA. If I were to RMA the water block I would surely missed the quietness that this system provides.
  5. You're right I did over fill it. I figure out what the problem was. I notice there is a gap in between the hole and the aluminum case and that’s probably why it’s leaking out. Clumsy me I wasn’t using a funnel and was just filling it up straight from the bottle and I guess it kept over flowing out of the tank and didn’t even know it. Well that solved my problem thanks for the help.
  6. Hi, I have a problem with my aquagate, I was planning to put it in my case and using it as internal. But today when I refill the tank I notice water is coming out at the bottom of the unit? I even bleed, drain lol I don’t know what term to use but I did it twice just to make sure and it’s still leaking from the bottom of the unit. Every time I add coolant to it. The unit does stop leaking and the system works fine. But the question is why my unit leaks water when I fill it? I mean it really leak, I don’t even dare to put it in my case now because I’m scare it might leak inside. Is there anyway I can fix this or did I do something wrong that cause this to happen? Am I over filling it? I just top it like the manual said. Well any help would be appreciated. Regards