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  1. :shock:

    I don't know if this relates to anyones problems, but from reading the reviews I have noticed that No one has posted if their M/Boards have an Auto Fan Controller in The M/B Bios.

    I Know if you use the Molex Connector included with the kit U Go Around this problem, But if all you have is the Plug on the M/Board to run the pump this could be easily overlooked.

    Make sure your bios does not have this option, If it does set it to disable.

    Or better yet, Don't use it at all.

    I had to Reset My M/Board like 4 times before the Fan RPM (Pump Plug) on the M/Board controller finally hit 2250 Rpm. Since then I have had no troubles. But if it fails again, It's back to the Direct Connection. I still think The Direct Connection Is better(Provided Your P/Supply Has The Juice), But to save wires running all over, The M/Board Connection is much tidier.

    If you are able to Monitor Pump RPM Make sure The controllers Do not drop past 1300 Rpm. My Pump stalls at 1450 Rpm.

    I e-mailed Coolermaster To find out Pump Specs and got a Link for an RMA. :knob:

    All I wanted to Know was if the 1450 Stall was considered Normal.

    If any one knows Please let me know.

    I Used a Mechanic's Stethoscope and a fan controller pot to listen for it to stop.

    After a lot of foul language I remembered the bios control.


  2. Mine was making a gurgling sound every now and then so i took the rad out, with the pc running and just tilted it on its side, I heard a couple of gurgles and put the rad back in. Been good ever since. I think it depends on how you have the rad mounted IE: Crossflow or Down flow. Plus it also depends on if the rad is higher or lower then the pump. If you want to see an example:

    Good luck!

  3. Thermaltake Viking VA4000BWS Box

    Coolermaster R-120 and a C/Master 600W P/supply

    Good setup coolermaster just fit right in. Runs 29-32 Celsius.

    Canadian EH! Metric is the language. RADEON 9800 PRO Playing BF2 @ 1024x768 @ 85HZ on a 19" Trinitron.

    ASUS M/Board on a P4 3.0 HT with 2.0GB 400MHZ DDR.

    Under Heavy Load, The Max temp I have seen before i have to crank the fans up is 42 Celsius.

    The Thermaltake Fans from the Box just screwed on to The Coolermaster Rad and Knobs on the Box controls The fans. Thermaltake box had a temp probe for front display and i fastened it to bottom of the Rad right where the pipe connects to the bottom of the rad tank.

    Works Really Sweet. If you adjust Properly it runs constant at 35 Celsius. Under Load. (BF2)

    Both Fans Full boar at 2500 RPM kinda gives it a roar, but its fun to watch the rad temp drop. :wink:

  4. I wouldn't open the System as they are VACUM SEALED units.

    If you open the tubes you let air into the system causing airlocks that will prevent the pump from drawing the coolant. C/Master leaves some space at the top of the Rad for Expansion then they suck all the air out of the sytem so it will Self-Prime. It wasn't designed as an"open" System. That's why a lot of people have problems after they mod the system. :?

  5. They have to allow some air into the system to allow for expansion of the coolant as it is alcohol based. before you chop it apart read some of the reviews, they also post pictures of the unit taken apart. I just Googled Cooler Master r-120 review and i got tons of reviews and pictures.

  6. Yes you can turn off q-fan in the bios. But I just want to know if its alright to use it. The q-fan does control the CPU fan but only if the fan is plugged into the M/Board. My water block assy is plugged into the CPU fan plug, Q-FAN is turned off. My question is can you use it to automatically control pump speed?

  7. Hi All, Just a Question, I am running a ASUS P4P 800 SE M/Board that has what is called Q-Fan Technology. When running Heatsink and Fans, It controls fan speed according to Temp to keep noise down.

    My Question is, Is it safe to use this with the Water block for my R-120? Or will this slow the pump speed down and cause it to stall. There is no Auto Temp built into the CoolerMaster Unit. And the Specs and Instructions are pretty Vague. I e-mailed Coolermaster the same question and have gotten no reply. Just wondering because if this can be used to automatically control pump speed, could add a little more life to water block. IE:It's not running full speed 24/7. But am worried that it may slow down the pump too much causing the pump impeller to stall and burn out pump motor. Any info would be great.