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  1. on a side note when is the OCZ Cryo-Z Phase Change Cooling System due out as i can not find info on it.
  2. its only 2.2 GHz but then i know people who have had them overclocked to 3GHz so i suopse thay are not bad, i just wish i had one of the new 64 bit ones. edit: also what aquagate should i get (the small one costs more but the bigger one looks like its better? (going by the prices in the shops in the uk) thanks
  3. i am stuck with an old AMD Athlon XP 3200+ (Socket A) and i was wondering if the AQUAGATE(RL-HUC-E8U1/U2) or AQUAGATE Mini R80 / R120(RL-MUA-E8U1 / EBU1) world work with my cpu (i ask as some sites say thay it would work but on the coolmaster site there is no info on athlon socket a) thx