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  1. Hi sorry I haven't been around for a while... The rads I'm using are the BI GTs... dual 240's. They are the only rads thin enough to be sandwiched between the fans in the side door and the cards in the MOBO. These rads have mounting holes on both sides for standard 120mm fans but since I'm using 140mm fans, I had to drill custom holes in the fans attach them to the rads first and then mount the whole fan pair + rad assembly into the door. For tubing, I'm using Masterkleer 7/16"
  2. You can read all about it here... This case has been great to work with. The side fan tray door is ideal for mounting a pair of low-profile rads. Note that I built a mock computer out of wood for doing a proof-of-concept, tubing, and leak testing. Note, my wooden motherboard and expansion cards fit well... I just hope I don't run into some of the same issues other owners have had when it comes to mounting the actual electronics inside! The blog has more pics and info on some of the other mods I made to the case... Stay tuned for more!
  3. Can someone from Coolermaster answer my questions about the new mobo tray on Black 830's here...
  4. Hi, I just received my Black Stacker 830 from ClubIT but it will be a couple of weeks before I get around to mounting my Mobo and cards into it... Rather than find out in 2 weeks if I have the problem and then wait for a new Mobo tray, can someone confirm if the black 830's ship with the new tray or not? If not, can I get a new Mobo tray sent proactively? I have an ASUS A8N-SLI Mobo and a Leadtek 7800GTX graphics card with dual DVI connectors and a Creative Labs X-FI Fatal1ty sound card. Thanks!
  5. NP... I'm going to blog the whole thing so I'll post the link here when I start.
  6. I've done a bit of research that I'll share but if anyone has anything to add, please let me know. There are three companies that appear to make 140mm fans: 1. Aerocool: ( Nice looking, but suspect noise specs. Also the operating voltage is very limited (apparently they won't start under 10V). I'd be interested in knowing if after they start, if they will slow down to say 7V or 5V... anyone? It's key for me to be able to control the fans with a fan controller. 2. Yate Loon: ( They have three models... the SL is the silent low speed model. Apparently good voltage range and low noise. Availability? Can someone help out here? This German ebay seller has the medium and high versions: 3. Sharkoon: ( They have three models as well. I have inquired about availability here in NA. CrazyPC sells the high speed version only ( This French company has an English version of their site and they sell the products but are currently back-ordered ( Does anyone know of any other sources for the Sharkoon or Yates fans? Can anyone comment on the lowest operating voltage for these various fans? Thanks!
  7. Yes, I can read... I read your post and it provided no recommendations on 14cm fans. Did you read my OP?
  8. Yes, but I'm asking about 14cm fans... anyone?
  9. What are some choices for 14cm fans for the side panel of the 830? Does anyone make 14cm fans that you can control with a fan controller and monitor RPM?
  10. Does anyone know when the black version is going to be in general availability? Neither of those two exclusive shops ships to Canada! I thought I read above that they had a 1 month exclusive as of the 15th of June... What's up?
  11. If I can ever get someone to give me some dimensions, I'll get going on this. Can someone please measure the width and height of the plastic fan tray on the side and the gap between it and the top of your graphics card when the tray is closed? Thanks!
  12. Hi, I'm investigating whether an 830 can suit my needs... When the side fan tray is closed, how much space is there (exactly) between the plastic of the fan tray door and fans etc. and the top of any PCI cards (i.e. a graphics card or something). Also what are the dimensions of that plastic fan tray door?... exact height and width would be great if anyone can take some time to measure. I'm considering mounting a couple of water cooling rads either to the inside of this fan door (if it can take the weight) or bolting them somehow to the frame so that they are flush againts the side fans when everything is closed. Has anyone considered using side mounted rads for watercooling with this case?