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  1. ive replaced mine with a (sexy)chrome slow speed fan (and yes the CM rifle fan provided with the 120 is VERY VERY noisy @ 3400rpm) I also have to have it on speed 3 constantly to cool my prescott but i cant hear a thing and my shizzle is still well cool(current chrome hiper fan @ 1500rpm speed 3) hope this helps
  2. i would assume it to be bad as the fan cant get all the air it i would fit the psu upside down if you were to fit it at the bottom of ya will still work fine and can get all the air it needs
  3. yup id try the topping up the liquid....but the water text box should be flashing on ur aquagate display if it is ya liquid at a low level...hope this helps coz i had same problem...and as soon as i topped up it stopped flashing and beeping
  4. Did i say purrs like a Harley??? i ment its as quiet as a mouse :P
  5. cooool....ill keep the blue liquid then coz its purrs like a harley and cools my prescott down 20%........why mess with a good thing thanks again all for the help
  6. many thanks ill see if i can find it then in red ...if not ill have to suffer the cool blue... just 1 last question..... so the liquid aint just de-ionised water and antifreeze then? thanks again
  7. Hi again coolerdudes i was just wondering if the blue liquid that comes with the aquagate is only too be used as my whole pc is red and black and id love to add some red uv liquid to my aquagate rather than using the blue...or do CM make this liquid in red as it would finish my pc just nice...surely this liquid is just water and a few additives...could i not brew this stuff up myself and how would i go about getting replacment liquid just in case???? thanks in advance the masher
  8. thx for the reply.....i have a (775)(2.66)prescot!!! damn things run hot as :)... and i think thats where they are made too? hehe also yesterday when i posted that thread my room temp was 31 degrees with aquagate my cpu temp idle is 41-45 and then underload it goes to 51-54 on my old CM air cooler my cpu temp idle was 49-53 and underload was 59-63 so for the £50 aquagate i lose about 10 degrees and i got some sexeh blue pipe watercooling and my shizzle is ALOT less noisy all in all im happy with it but damn that front rifle fan is noisy!
  9. hi there peeps.. ive recently installed a aquagate system(not the mini 1) and as ive read in these forums how to release all the air bubbles etc and all is fine now.. my max tank temp (idle temps)is 38.2 on fan speed 1 and 34.4 on fan speed 3... id like to know the max temp that the tank will go to as i have another coolmaster fan but only spins at half the speed(and near silent) of the original 1 provided within the aquagate original coolermaster rifle fan @ 3330 rpm@34.4 degrees @speed 3 my coolermaster uv fan @ 2400 rpm@40.6 degrees @ speed 3 would it be ok to use the uv fan and have 41 tank temp constanly? many thanks