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  1. they are still firmly in it...guess i'll have to go with an rma
  2. if i'd check the internals i wouldn't have any rma left...not gonna risk that
  3. Ok big problem with my aquagate now, the fan and lcd wont turn on(never happend before). the only thing still working is the pump which lets me write this little thread. now i have to tell you this, this aquagate came straight from the factory. no receipt whatsoever. how should i rma it?
  4. roger elessar, though what i find kindof weird is that my dads vanessa s-type AIR cooler keeps his cpu 30 idle and 40 load with same ambient temps. that fan used to be mine, it makes alot less sound and such, maybe it keeps the cpu that cool cuz its a 2.8ghz prescott, who knows...and i finally found a remedy for the sound. just unscrew those 6 screws and take of the front cover(saves me another 10 db)
  5. my ambient temp is 28c EDIT: todays dutch temps just did it... the tank temperature rose up to 39 and the thing just shut off..i set it to shutoff 40c right now
  6. ofcourse, i understand that. nothing is maintenence free...if you have a girlfriend you know why
  7. do i need to have the top of the tank opened when bleeding? cuz to me there seems to be no more bubbles left, but still a high tank temp(got up to 37,9!) well i guess it aint designed to cool a dualcore cpu. ill get a summer job and then build myself a top euro one. ill give this one to my little brother(his cpu temps are up to 80c)
  8. ok im not so shure about filling the res because its way to full, ill try all the other stuff though EDIT: ok when i do this, air comes rushin in the tubes and i hear some weird noise, is this what is supposed to happen?
  9. ill make some pictures of how it looks, from the front, side, back, and inside the case. the unit is positioned outside the case, on top of it. EDIT: here r the pics
  10. ok, first off how do i bleed this thing, there are only a few little air bubbles left and temp has decreased by 1c...but tank temperature is still high. DO NOTE that i do not use the thermal probe(the thickness of it decreases thermal conductivity ) my cpu isnow idling at 38c, which is still way to high for idle imo. tank temperature is idling at 34c. load is at 36c and cpu is the 44c(freakin high)....i got better temps on air with a highly oc'd cpu( p4 2.8 @ 3.5) which was idling at 34 and load 40. can coolermaster help me with this problem. because im just unsatisfied and if this problem isnt fixed soon this will be my last coolermaster purchase
  11. i've checked for bubbles, found none. the temp of the tank rose to 36! today
  12. hey guys, i recently bought me a aquagate for 3 days. the first two days it ran fine at 32-34 idle and 36-38 load on my amd64 x2 4200+. today i spotted something that could've made the tubes kink so i unplugged the tubes and started draining the tubes to cut a part off to fix this problem. this all went without a hassle. but when i put it back togheter and started it up the temps where very high at 38 idle and 40-44 load. i tried different fan speeds and they only helped reducing the heat by 1c when i run the prime95 torture test(used to be 36-38 ). now i want to know why this happens. the tank is fully filled. i should note that i spilled some fluid when trying to fill it back up(who doesnt). can anybody help me with this? cuz im not pleased at all with this, my first watercooling setup. if this problem persists i will just sell the aquagate and build an own watercooling setup