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  1. ah ok i found the water flashing ( didnt know that it seems the problem has been solved thx guys again for ur help you are top guys hope to see you soon but with no pc troubles hehe THX
  2. and i still getting the same temps as when it runs nice but for some reason it bleeps when its no where near it shutdown temp?? it displays the same temps as when it ran ok
  3. ok the pc has been off for a few days, but when ever i turn on the pc it starts beeping straight away. how can something be hot if it not been on ???!?! i think the liquid needs a top up coz thats the only thing i can think of.... we've had warm weather but isnt this the point of liquid cooling to get things cooler i have 4x 80cm fans and 4x 120cm fans installed now and that solved the problem very nice but now this does the next new aquagate come with its own repair/service man?? al this new stuff and its worse than my older pc
  4. ok had no troubles for ages since that post but now the bloody thing overheats when i turn the pc on all this top notch stuff and its about as good as microsoft how is this happening when the pc's not turned on ??!?!?!!? THIS SUCKS
  5. i've phoned the company i got the pc from and they have said this............ "Placing the temperature probe between the cpu die and the water block is not something we practice for varied reasons. If we were to place it between the cpu die and the waterblock it is highly likely that the sensor would be crushed and rendered useless. Another reason for not doing this is that the sensor would block some contact between the cpudie and the water block and heat dissipation would not be as effective. " so now i'm lost even more surley sticking the sensor on the outside and NOT where the manual says has to be wrong but a top pc firm say otherwise i have changed my temp warning settings and have found a improvment, it rises to 43.c on both tank and cpu and stays steady at that temp so fingers crossed its ok now (will have a big test laters to see if prolonged running will cause a overheat again big thx for ur support
  6. i get 10.c more on windows temps than the aquagate ones and i would love to thank all who have helped BIG THX p.s. i will try and place the sensor in the right place with what you have suggested
  7. ok from the aquagate i got CPU=40.c and tank=40.c after getting them temps the pc shuts down...but the windows show a different temp i followed the the temp settings here ... serial=113 and changed them to the temps on the bottom but it still goes up and up (that also shows the correct place for the sensor) i've looked at the manual and thats when i thought about the sensor in wrong place (sorry i didnt mean the cpu and block but what you said ) so is it possible to remove the block to put sensor in right place without draining down a system that should of be sorted when i payed ££££ for it
  8. ok i have a piccy for you i dont think that is right yes????? and i mean if i can just remove the block to place the sensor i right place?? (the 2 big black screws?) big thx for the quick repley
  9. hiya all i have a coolermaster aqaugate and i get temps alerts after about 1-2hrs of playing FPS games, i followed loads of threads on this furom and have notice that the ppl we brought the pc off (VADIM>CO>UK) have not placed the senors underneath the block, mine is placed on top with a little piece of selotape holding it on. the manual clearly says that the sensor should be inbetween the block and cpu but mine is not is there a way to remove the block while the system is full coz i dont want to drain it all down just to undo 2 screws and tape the sensor in right place???? plz help thx