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  1. A beautiful work with many manual cuts with a high difficulty level for the completion of the project. Case worthy of special attention of all, A beautiful and very talented modder. Surely you will have my vote guaranteed in this competition. Continue this magnificent work
  2. I would like to thank everyone who has accompanied this project.Actually I had little time to finalize and had not enough time to be able to take final photos of this project. He has been sent to Taiwan to be shown on the stand of HyperX. in sequence the photos of the project Parts kindly sent by Bitspower Riding the water cooler system I hope you like the end result, Many thanks to all sponsors, friends and family and everyone who followed this topic
  3. Many thanks to all who follow this topic, and sequence more pictures of the progress of the project
  4. Many thanks to all who follow this project, continuing post some more pictures of the progress of the project
  5. The case chosen for this time will be the Stryker from Cooler Master
  6. Hello everyone, I am here again actually with another project. This project will be also shown in computex on the stand of Asus Rog, as I said earlier the time to finish this project will be very short. So I post the photos of the project as progress. Many thanks to all sponsors, friends, family and to all who follow this worklog. Sponsors The hardware that will use this project
  7. The case chosen this time is the Cooler Master Trooper acrylic with contact paper
  8. Hello everyone. I would like to share another casemod I intend to do. The allotted time for the finish is a little short, but try to do everything possible to finish in time.this case will be shown in the HyperX booth at Computex in June. Thank you in all my sponsors, friends and family for your patience and for the opportunity to build another case. Sponsors The pHardware that I will use for this project A small gift won from HyperX and kindly received tools from Dremel
  9. Hello everyone !! I'm here again with more news. Photos of the ongoing project and more a sponsor Kingston HyperX with excellent memories for the completion of this project. I would like to thank all the people who helped to make this project come to an end. My thanks to everyone who followed this worklog with criticism and praise, sponsors, friends and family. project in progress Test HD Tune Water Fluid And the Final project photos
  10. Hello Everyone !! I'm here again with some more news. I've been a bit absent fi but for good reason. Response was expecting a major sponsor. Bitspower thank the great help for the completion of this project. I would like to thank all that follow this worklog. thank you so much New Sponsor !! Parts kindly provided by Bitspower Bitspower CPU Block Brass Top Version Water Tank Z-Multi 250 Bitspower X-Station Bitspower HD-350 Acrylic Top With Stainless Panel D5 Pump with Bitspower Mod Bitspower Fittings Riding the Water Cooler
  11. Thank you all and a further update with new photos of the ongoing project Making the cover of the PSU using the Fan grill MNPCTECH Painting the pieces to match the project and the result of work done these days was this. Hope you enjoy Post more photos as the progress of this project. Again many thanks to all who follow this topic and all sponsors and friends.
  12. Hello guys !! Once again I thank all comments made on this page and thank all who follow my work. Will post new pictures of some progress made ​​these weeks now. Again thank you all. Sleeves kindly lent by the X-Zone CPU acquired last week Built the cover of the mobo Making the cover of the fans from the top MNPCTECH Mnpctech 120mm Overkill Billet Fan Grill
  13. Michelle thank you for the support and all the help. And thanks to all who are following this worklog. Post more photos of the case process. Hope you enjoy The work is a little slow due to high temperature this summer here in Japan. Is very difficult to progress. Disassembling the case for cutting some parts and painting the case make the ink Primer the color of choice this time was the metallic silver color Using the Air Brush to make detailed finishes
  14. Hello everyone! I would like to submit a project again. The theme this time is the big show called Game of Thrones. I'm especially a big fan. Try turning this wonderful creation in a case I would to thank all the sponsors, friends all who follow my worklogs. I hope to please the taste of all that this new project. Theme of project Sponsors Parts kindly received for this new project from Cooler Master Parts kindly received for this new project from Asus Rog Parts kindly received for this new project from G-Vans
  15. Today I'll post the final pictures of the project. I would like to thank everyone again for the compliments and the comments! I would also like to thank all my friends and my sponsors The Final Photos