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  1. Niza

    Aquagate question.

    I know but since they are use for Video editing having them cool will give them more life
  2. Niza

    Aquagate question.

    forget the video card, i only want my 2 hard drives and my processor, what do you think about that? it a P4 3.0ghz 775 and 2 250g hard drives. do i need amore powerful power supply? (i have a 450watts)
  3. Niza

    Aquagate question.

    I have a Gforce AGP Nvidia, and a 450watts power supply, i aready saw the water blocks my question is Can i put all those things together with 1 aquagate?
  4. Niza

    Aquagate question.

    hi, my name is Niza and i have some questions about aquagate. i want to install acuagate for my 775P4 processor but i have 2 200gHD in a SATA raid that are always too Hot and my Video Card (nvidia) so i wanna know if the Aquagate can cool all those things or i need something else. If the answere is Yes do i need to buy another thing to besides the 2hd blocks and the VideocardBlock to ensambe the this cooling system? Do i need a better powersupply? wich one?