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  1. Hello everyone, I have been using a Coolermaster Real Power 550 since august 2005, and sometimes I get the weird problem that it will only power up for a split second. Usually I can startup the pc as normal, but when I shut it down and immediately try to bring it up again, it won't power up. The last few days, I have been getting the problem even when I try to power it up for the first time. Usually I have to wait a while, sometimes a few minutes, sometimes hours. I unplug my power cable now and then, and turn off the PSU now and then, just to see if that helps with powering up my system, but I have not found a certain way to make it work each time. I have been looking on these boards, but I have not found any definite answers here either. Is there someone with the same problem that knows what's going on and that might have a workaround? Thx, D.