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  1. I have changed my fans from default Coolermaster fans. I have added 3 High Capacity Fans one 120MM at the back. 1 80MM on the side mesh below the funnel that brings cool air in, and another 80MM to replace the front intake fan. All three of these have varialbe speeds which I control with a Antec speed regulator. When cranked all the way up the MB temperature never exceeds 33C, but my CPU will go as high as 52C on full load. I have an AMD 3700+ with a stock heatsink and fan. I do want to replace this but do not know what heatsink/fan combo I should purchase. Any suggestions. (Mind you I live in the valley in California where the avg temp in the summer is 100+)
  2. Ive recently purchased a Centurion 5 case, and i had to replace the front 80mm fan because the stock one did not work. I also added a fan on the side pane mesh below the funnel that blows air into the case. As it is right now my idle temperature for my mother board is about 38C. Do any of you have a lower temp, if soo how many fans do you have, and how are they positioned. As mentioned above I have only one additional fan from the default, it is on the side mesh and it blows air into my case.
  3. I must thank you Infectuous I just did what you told me to and my Power LED turned on.
  4. The Hard Disk LED connectors are together as one.. The Power LED is not. It is two seperate cables: a green with (+) white with (-). I have checked my manual but it say nothing about the pins individually. It only says that the pins are for switches and leds, but does not say what each pin is for. Please any help is appreciated. I want both leds to turn on.
  5. I just bought a Centurion 5 case and have it hooked up to my ASUS A8N5X Socket 939 NVIDIA nForce4 ATX AMD Motherboard. I have all the power switches plugged in, as well as the hard disk led. But I do not know where to connect the Power LED. These are two cables. A green and white one with a + and - on them. Any and all help is appreciated.