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  1. Aquagate waterblock Cracked!!!

    Hi I'm very sad to write but i do,because yesterday my AquaTrident CPU Water also cracked and my Ati 1950 card died and also my ASUS motherboard.I've used my Aquagate for nearly 2 years and do not have any problems until now.As someone siad the plexiglas on waterblock is beautiful but it also crack.What should i do now I went crazy because almost 2/3 of my hardware died?I'm from Bulgaria and here there are no spear parts fot the aquagate unfortunately. Here is the crack(I'm sorry for the bad picture but i take it with my phone):
  2. Cooler Master Stacker?

    Thanks to all of you.I won't plug it at the motherboard becasue I don't know where.I'll just leave it dangle around my case as knud // elessar says.
  3. Cooler Master Stacker?

    The picture are fixed.I hope that now there will be no problems with them.
  4. Cooler Master Stacker?

    Hi,I bought this case: ... er_big.jpg 1)I want to ask what is the function of this button which is at the back of the case: 2)Here is the wire from the button: I want also to ask where this wire must be connected to the motherboard? (ASUS P4P800-E Deluxe)