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  1. mit5u

    led case fan problem

    I might try get my hands on some voltage monitoring equipment, what range should the 12v rail stay between?
  2. mit5u

    led case fan problem

    I use a cooler master real power 450w (RS-450-ACLY) and it hasnt seemed to give me any problems, have used it for over 12 months now. guess i could try another one, any suggestions?
  3. mit5u

    led case fan problem

    nope no fan control - I have 2 intake and 2 exhaust and they are all run straight off the power supply. I checked the voltage at each of them today and they all seem to be getting a steady 12.09V
  4. I have had about 12 blue cooler master neon LED case fans and the LED's have stuffed out in nearly all of them! They start flickering then just burn out one by one. When this first happened I thought it was just a faulty fan and simply replaced it with another one - since then 4 more have done the same thing! I have some of the old model (with the LED's mounted in the corners) and some of the new model (with the LED's mounted on the back) and both have done it. Has anyone else had this problem or is my power supply (which is also a cooler master item) killing my fan LED's or something....?