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  1. dosnt matter ...you can plug a 3 pin on a 4 pin ...you should have the picture in the minir80 or r120 guide ,they show you can do so , and go to your bios to change the power 4pin to 3 pin ...in case you have this option ,if not i guess your mobo dose it for you.

    minir80 work great for me :D:P

  2. I have a mini r80 also it make a little noise from the pump , but the noise are gone since a week , all depand the way you fix the radiator ....

    me i have a p4 530 (3giga) it was at 45 degree with a other cooler (BEAR) X2 fan ,super noisy ,like an elicopter flying around your head :lol: 65 degree load ,and wen i overclock to 3.1 gg the computeur freeze and reboot .

    the mini R80 are pretty incredible 28 degree , and i can overclock to 3.4 giga and it get only at 31degree , full load it get at 45 no more .

    ATTENTION : wen you fix a mini r80 ...the mini r80 come with a iron plat thats you have to put under the mobo , is an iron plat with plastic ,the plastic side touch the mobo so no contact with the capacitor ...but ACTUALY IT TOUCH THE CAPACITOR , the capacitor solder are very speaky so they may touch the iron plat and make an short circuit .

    i have an GA-81945p and the under of the mobo are super speaky so i get the short circuit stuff ..i burn a ddr2 256 like this !

    so please all mate around would like to fix thats wonderful cooler ...CAREFUL THE CAPACITOR ON AND THE SOLDER UNDER THE MOBO ...


    ps:sorry if i dont have the right english vocabulary :oops: