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  1. The CPU-fan is pushing the air through the heatsink towards the back of my case right into a 120mm exaust fan mounted in the chassi. I have not removed the cooler after i installed it. I've been planing to do that, mainly to check if i got the right amount of thermal paste, maybe i got poor heat transfer to the cooler because of that? Yes i tried the automatic fan speed button in the speedfan software but it stayed at the same RPM. I guess it stayed at the same because the fan is plugged into the 4-pin CPU-fan header on the mobo and is already automaticly controlled by the bios? Since it does ramp up when the processor get under heavier load. Thanks for the fast reply neverXmiss!
  2. After reading alot of good reviews of almost all of your CPU-cooler i decided to go for an Hyper TX3 to replace my stock intel cooler on my i5 750 to get the sound level down in my case. The CPU is not overclocked and was keept at around 43 degrees with the stock cooler, after installing the TX3 it droped to 38 wich i am very happy with! But my biggest disapointment is the sound this thing makes, in idle it is working at 2000 RPM and makes more noise then the intel stock cooler did, on a heavy load it ramps up to around 2600 RPM. Considering the fans working spectrum is 800-2800 RPM it seems like my fan is working very hard? My goal with buying this cooler was to lower the noise wich i did not achieve. I might also add that the case is very well ventilated with 2 120 mm fans and one 140 mm. Is it normal for the TX3 fan to be working this hard to keep an CPU at stock speeds cool or is something wrong here? Any answer would be apriciated //Erik Here is a pic of the fan speed and CPU: