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  1. dhooge06

    AM2 CPU Cooler

    ive just orderd my 5000AM2 CPU and am wondering if any body has found or heard of a good cooler outher than the cool looking Zalman Monster,that is quite.im not planning on any over clocking and i have exalent air flow in my stacker.im allso wondering what the diffrence is between air flow towards heatsink or away from heatsink?
  2. i have e-maild them no response but fond a nouther fan
  3. why not coolermaster desing a power sorce that second one plugs into provides lode and transfers power?
  4. go to FrozenCPU.com search powersupply for eather a premade jumper with ends or a plug in premade type jumper
  5. ive found anouther maufacturer that makes an upgrade side panel with the right fan i dont want to buy a side panel that i cant use but it will fit and is desinged for PC use.i would rather find an individual fan but if cant find a solution will get.
  6. and the prvious post that i read about the fan was here.if i could have found it on google,yahoo,etc.i would have allready ordered it.some one eles on anouther post sparked my intrest and now im looking for what they were talking about.does any one know where to find a fan this size?
  7. i read a post a while back about a 25CM side panel fan that would fit a stacker side panel.i know anouther case manufaturer uses one is one avalibule? any body know where to get one?
  8. my card says will operate at 1.5 but theres a 1.7 volt option in bios i tried it and when playing Far Cry i get farther play time pf about 15 min i was allso finally able to update bios to most recant stable.still cuts out vid
  9. this is the third powersorce by diffrent companys, ranging from 500 to 650 watt actually the 4th if you count the first one i sent back for RMA from current company.
  10. MTBF: 100,000 Hrs. @ 25°C, Full Load Operating Temp.: 0 ~ 50°C Model: ST65ZF Output: 650W / 710W (peak) +3.3V: 33A +5V: 24A +12V1: 13A/18A (peak) +12V2: 18A +12V3: 16A +12V4: 8A/13A (peak) -12V: 0.5A 5Vsb: 2.0A +3.3V & +5V: 170W Max. +12V Quad Rails: 504W(42A) / 540W(45A) peak the video card and mobo are the last agp for me as im seeing pcie has for a while now dominated but attempted to improv system for its last time a 6600 card worked fine but im wondering if its a mobo prob or bios which im having prob updating Asus bios because of outher trafic to sites.im supposed to call Evga about the 7800AGP card on monday,there online help refered me to a call center.the card allso does not work on 2 outhe computers.ive allso hooked up a second powersupply to run hard drives disc drives and fans to give best chance of full amps at bord.Next comp is in begining stages and with slow purchse of pice at a time is year and a half off but want to keep old comp up and working good for lan party use.
  11. the controller to lighten or darken toast from a toster should work as ive been told a 3 or 4 speed switch from ceeling fan,or the least appeling a light dimmer switch.looks like what ever i use will be mounted on back if i cant find any thing elese.
  12. Amps drop to low and You need more??? absolutely!!!!and i even got a new supply that was supposed to do the job and retuned for anouther and it still doesant work.
  13. ive got a smaller comp.thats allready full and cant find a good enough power supply to power video card, amps allways drop to low and no its not sli(thats the next comp) ive got a 7800agp.CO and cant use it.MORE POWER to M.bord
  14. im looking for a single fan speed controller,i would like to find one with out a nob or to fit expansion slot on back of case.it has to handle 20 watts or 1.60 amps.the fan currently runs at 2900 rpm but because its265.1CFM and 55DBA i need to slow it down.it is an exhaust fan.this fan is about 6inc by 5.5inch