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  1. A real big thanx... It means one thing: ill buy Hyper 6+ and run it with FULL speed with a 3 PIN to Molex adaptor!!! Thats what i want!!! THX Edit: i talked to a vendor where i bough my comp... He says he have a 4 PIN adaptor (its for 3 PIN). With this adapter he connects the fan, the PIN and the Power Supply... Is it that?
  2. lol I dont understand... What do you mean by a Molex connector...? So u think Hyper 6+ will do a better job in my comp than the Jet 7+? Nah its just b/c the problem is the speed of teh Hyper 6+... And YES im sure Hyper 6+ will fit b/c i have a Socket 370 and Hyper 6+ can go on a Socket 370... Inno its BIG but my comp can have it... Like i said my only problem is the speed... But whats a Molex Connector? Do u mean I can increase the speed of my future Hyper 6+ with a Molex Connector? Lol im not tghe best into hardware... But THX for ur Answers... You guys are PROs... ...
  3. OK sure lol I know ppl says Hyper 6+ is the best of all Cooler Master... But maybe I can take the Jet 7+... Some ppl says its very good... Maybe it could b a solution... B/C Jet 7+ supports 3 PIN and max speed on 3 PIN... Inform me... For my comp... Jet 7+ or Hyper 6+ ? THX
  4. Oh well... I dont want a very big graphic card... I only want a BIG CPU... B/c graphic cards costs alot... The Radeon X800 is very impresive and performant... I dont need the best ATI... My CPU will do the job if my card cant... But you think the Hyper 6+ will b able to keep my CPU in some cool temperatures like 40 °C ? THX
  5. Ok... well... lol im not totally idiot... Ill have a... OK well, ill describe my future computer: -------------------------- AMD Athlon 4.8 GHz MotherBOARD ASUS A8N32-SLI DELUX 2 GB of RAM SoundBlaster CREATIVE AUDIGY 4 PRO SAPPHIRE RADEON X800GTO 256MB DDR3 PCI-E -------------------------- Like you see, ill need a very good fan to keep my CPU in a cool temperature... So now ill buy Hyper 6+ and install it into my Pentium III... After, when ill have my new computer, ill transfer my Hyper 6+ into my new computer Now I only have a Pentium III... Its a 866 MHz and I want to overclock it at around 1085MHz or maybe 1.2 GHz... Does the Hyper 6+ will be able to keep my CPU around 45 °C? Thanx... But like I said... If not, recommand me the best fan for a Socket 370 with 3 PIN... Bye P.S. : theres no way to increase Hyper 6+ speed on a 3 PIN ?
  6. Hi all... Im going to buy an Hyper 6+ fan but... I still have a (BIG or little?) problem. The problem is that: I have an Asus CUSL2-C motherboard with socket 370 (its a Pentium Coppermine 3) and I only have a 3 PIN connector on it... So... To resume problem: On the presentation page of the Cooler Master Hyper 6+ (here) it says "if your mainboard supports general 3-pin connector, the Hyper 6+ will run the lowest fan speed."... Like I said I only have a 3 PIN connector, not a 4 PIN... How can I increase the speed of the fan? Is there a way to do that? Oh and... If I cant... What other fan can be good for a Pentium 3 with a Socket 370? I want the BEST for a Socket 370 (I said THE BEST!!!)... So I dont care for the price... Just that I dont have a 4 PIN connector... A REAL BIG THANKS To you... Blue, owner of a Socket 370