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  1. Greetings! (Yes my Nick Sandman) Yes this is the Tsaro! A persoangem taken from my book RPG (Calíope). He is the 3º monster that I create. But I have another project I'm finding, more dynamic, not restricted to my universe, something that I created in order to show my skills. winning mods at CPBr 2010 ( 2º in creative) I hope that each project, my skills are improved and the result clear who sees my work. Fiberglass is complex to work with, but something I learned at this time is that with patience and creativity we bring to life various characters, unique or exclusive daily/movie. I am flattered with his compliment, thanks! The Tsaro is the result of much thought and work with alternative materials, but unfortunately lack many resources, but will not lack! I always say that with will and creativity can go far if addressing the lack of something with creativity, we can surprise. For this we need to be children and have no limits when we imagine. Imagine, plan, create.
  2. Details of the case: It opens and closes the mouth alone. Smokes by the nose. It has a motion sensor that, when alkyl is approaching the case, it lights (LEDs) the wings, the LEDs are positioned on the shoulder. He has led in the eyes (Mpovh) TKs...I go to CMC, because see you post in forum terra, tks (2x)(valeu rapaz)
  3. The components are distributed as follows: * Motherboard - In the trunk of the Dragon (chest) is the motherboard. * Source - lies between the two hind legs. * HD - It pocisionado the tower which is being trampled. * DVD - Beneath the tower is a part of the mountain, is located inside the DVD drive. * output of cables for monitor, keyboard, mouse, LAN, USB and electric, they are separated, almost at the tip of the tail of the dragon are the data cables and electrical at the beginning of the tail. ---- Asus P5KPL-Se - 2.93Ghz - 2GbRam - 250HD -
  4. My first time here! This was a great experience. Tks
  5. Here you can watch part eminha d motherboard, but the important thing is to reinforce the information that the motherboard can be used any ATX model would be used in a shared office. Will (clean my motherboard has dust LOL) hit new pictures and show the disposition of internal parts.
  6. I use a cooler (coolermaster Processor) for inflow of air. It is possible to implement more cooler, to capture and exhaust air. But the simple setup I have, it is not necessary. Asus is p5kpl - 2GB - 500 hd - dvd drive - a common source Sorry about the picture quality was no electric at home when I hit the shot. I have post new photo.
  7. Very nice work, very creative and well done. Congratulations.
  8. Openings: About the source, he has an opening that may or may not stay open, which aids in ventilation. The case itself has a simple exhaust system, I catch cold air through the opening of the source, direct it to the inside of the Dragon, after heated air exits at the Dragon's own mouth. The sites in the tail cables that pass may be closed and the case becomes just a dragon, not be possible to understand that it is actually a computer. I my PC. Photo Thiago Bernades/Uol My Mother, I my San. Photo Thiago Bernades/Uol
  9. Save all, I'm Alexandre Ferreira (Sandman or Korsh, nicknames). I am Brazilian, make cases since 2002. Now for see my Red Dragon. Tsaro. Made of fiberglass, molded case of Zero. Among the material I used was from the wire Styrofoam, among others. The inspiration came from the fact that I am a writer and book RPG Tsaro is a great character in my book. Before starting the modeling styrofoam and wire, I studied many images to define their position and arrangement of component style. That was the original idea. Trunk of the Dragon was made ​​in wire and tape brown (packaging) The castle / tower that is trampling the Dragon, had been the HD (up to 3 HD's)But the team made the DVD, this was below the tower at the mountain. Here is visible, pieces of Styrofoam that was covered with brown tape. Here I started modeling the head. It used Styrofoam, plaster. Here we already have in fiberglass, head (part) teeth, and claws. For teeth modeled four different models and made shapes. My mother and me. She participates, assists, is special. Mom thanks for the support. A test plate position mother on his chest. It's getting cool: D He mounted the tail was sharp detail, after I moved. This "mass" tail remained Show detail the tips are very tips of tooth: P The font, purchased and assembled a simple extensions. He moves his mouth and nose by smokes: D If anyone has any questions please ask, there are so many things to talk about or even the Tsaro of my universe RPG. Old photo: tonight I'll take a picture inside of it and publish.