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  1. They are Recom cases. See http://www.recom.nl Recom is also one of my sponsors by the way, but only for a different project.
  2. My mod is currently on display at the Benelux Casemod League, which is held at the Gameplay fair in Utrecht, The Netherlands. I'm having a great time, it's very crowded here (last year 35.000 people attended the Gameplay fair). Here are some photos. The mods WW2 Mod LXFusion ZeroCool My mod: Protoss Xionized Invicta Red Storm 10 Granite case C&C Tiberian Sun: Temple of Nod The B.F.G. The stand Gaming on a huge LCD Carbon Li on display One of the less crowded moments... Overview of the stand Prizes
  3. Now that sounds interesting, a Crysis casemod... hmmm *takes a look in the CM case arsenal to find a suitable victim*
  4. The project is now nearly completed. I still have some small things to do like wiring, gluing the mesh on the frontpanel and spraying some parts such as the window mesh and the hdd cages. The project has to be done by november 23rd. Today I did a photoshoot. All these pictures are clickable.
  5. Varnished the front panel and sprayed the mesh blue. I'm working on the CPU waterblock. I wanted to use a Scaro UV blue waterblock (similar to an Alphacool NexXxoS XP Bold but with UV blue acrylic). The original cover was for Socket A / Socket 939, but it was too big for my Socket A board (interference with IO ports), so I had to make a new cover. I intended to use UV blue acrylic, but I only had 5mm lying around which was too thin. Therefore I used ordinary 8mm acrylic. Drawing... And done.. sorry for the lack of action shots.
  6. Front panel: black Yellow sides... Mesh:
  7. Mesh for the top panel, cut to size using ordinary scissors. Mockup with DD Fillport. Sprayed the mesh and cut a hole in the plastic panel for the fillport.
  8. Hardware installed... Most of the stuff mounted. Most of the parts still need varnishing. My plan for the window: hexx mesh Also nice to note, my last pics were shot using my new camera, a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ8. This is to replace my 4 year old 5mp Olympus cam with only 3x optical zoom. Here's my plan for integrating the liquid neon in the mod. I want to make some covers for the ends of the tube. These will be painted yellow.
  9. Finally, the first update. I wanted to do it last tuesday as I had a day off, but I ended up doing hardly anything worth mentioning (mostly cleaning and disassembling). Firstly I cut the sidepanel with my scrollsaw. Next up was finishing the hole with a file and sanding paper. This was quite a bit of work as the panel is 2mm thick. Today I sprayed the frame, basecoat first. For those interested, here's a photo of my working area. Small update, the frame is now metallic blue/purple:
  10. This is nice, even though I got the same theme for my mod. I guess yours will be more overall SC2, while mine has a Protoss theme.
  11. Damn, didn't know there was another SC2 mod in the making.. I guess we got the same idea when Blizzard announced the game. Unfortunately it took three months before I could get started...
  12. After a couple months of waiting for the new Cooler Master case, I finally got it. I personally went to pick up a Cosmos at Cooler Master's European office in Venlo, The Netherlands. I was lucky because it was the only one not reserved for shops or distributors. This mod will be a quick one, as I want to have it finished before the Benelux Casemod League on November 23 - 25. Sponsors are Cooler Master and A.C. Ryan. The theme for the mod is StarCraft II which will be coming out in 2008. More specifically, I chose to do the mod in the style of Protoss, one of the races in the game. Much of my inspiration comes from this picture: I started by stripping the entire case to the bare frame. This afternoon I had some time to pick up some spraypaint at the local car tuning shop. I picked Motip #43250 (yellow/sand) and #44925 (blue) to be the main colors for the case. I started with the basecoat. Followed by three layers of yellow. Quick mockup to see how it turns out. The parts still need to be varnished. Ok thats it for now, tomorrow I'll do some more.
  13. It's made by a guy I spoke with on msn, he asked permission before starting.
  14. I just have to show you this... Someone copied my Mystique !
  15. Neither do I, but it wasn't my idea to organise CJ Live at a lanparty. I feel sorry for the gamers already, the noise won't be nice. Good thing they have headphones. I'm going to use LEDs for the lighting, because CCFLs will use too much space and the shape is hard to light up using CCFLs.