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  1. Will it fit?

    Hi Harib0. It measures 26.7cm Guess that answers my question! Theres life in this classic yet! Hows your collection doing Hairb0? Still running a CM?
  2. Will it fit?

    Sorry to re-ignite this old thread. I suppose theres no hope at the new 9800GX2 fitting in this case is there?
  3. Will it fit?

    Excellent! Thanks for your help!
  4. Will it fit?

    Thanks Harib0! Just can't bring myself to divorce this loverly case. I'll wait till I hear back from you till I make the purchase. Cheers.
  5. Will it fit?

    Hello all. Been a while since I posted here. Hope someone may be able to help me out. I've got a Coolermaster ATCS-201B-BTX (Black Widow) case. Does anyone know if this case will accommodate a 8800GTX graphics card? Or better yet, if anyone has one fitted in this case, or a similar model. Cheers for any help.
  6. Yes!

    Cheers. I read about the quality in reviews but when I opened the box I was amazed. The finish is top class.
  7. Yes!

    After a year of searching I managed to get a brand new mint condition CM Black Widow. So happy! Sorry. I just had to share that
  8. Just picked up...

    Cool. What was the EBuyer code for it?
  9. Just picked up...

    Did they send the correct case?
  10. Just picked up...

    Be sure to post some piccies.
  11. Just picked up...

    Has it turned up yet?
  12. Just picked up...

    Good Luck. Excellent find if it it.
  13. Just picked up...

    Have you have actually recieved it yet? I ordered a 201B-BTX from eBuyer and they sent me the wrong one. It was the one with a black front and silver sides. They had no others after that.
  14. Just picked up...

    Where did you get it!?!?!
  15. The Black Widow

    Wonder of Coolermaster has any of these lying around?