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  1. It was bought and imported for one of my clients as soon as it was released internationally. It certainly may be the version 1 as you said. I just changed the fan to blabemaster 120mm and now my client is happy with the reduced noise. Thanks a lot for support.
  2. From the details on website it is going to be released in 120mm only. I also hope the release 140mm excalibure .
  3. I have received complaints from one of clients that the fan on Aquagate S1. I would like to know to change the stock fan. I am thinking of replacing it with Coolermaster Blademaster 120mm. Please guide me if possible with picture as to how to replace the fan.
  4. Cosmos 1000 and 1100 have almost similar internal dimensions. Cosmos 1000 has poor HDD cooling and larger (>15cm length) psu wint accomodate properly. Above problems have been rectified in 1100 along with good looks, though a small problem with 1100 being the compatibility issue with Cpu coolers taller than 14cm with side panel fan. 1100 will be perfect for you as you are using aquagate max.
  5. You will have to remove side fan for that. Thats one of resons why I sold my Cosmos and started using Stacker 830 again.
  6. Like some one mentioned I would like to see more abd improved functional panels from CM. Also SOme EL wires, CCFLS also would do fine.
  7. Does anybody know what are changes made to original RC-1100 case? Also are the looks changed.
  8. 1st let me start with Cosmos S: Problem no 1: CM Hyper 212 I own is completly useless as it cannot be instaled without removing the 20cm fan on side panel. One of my clients is pissed of at me as I made him shell 3x cost of hyper 212 for Aquagate S1 as 212 did not fit in the case. Problem no 2: The wings on front door open neatly but they do not close as they are supposed to. Aquagate Max : 1: The impeller of flow meter rotates very slowly or it does not rotate at all wiht the provided liquid, but it works perfectly fine with plain distilled water of thermatake coolant. 2: The alarm led on the front panel does not glow even when the flow of liquid was stopped manually. 3: Can I use third party coolants like the primo chill or koolance liquid which provide me with color options that Cm does not have. (links for the 2: ... th=381_389 ... th=381_303 ) also they do not require any mixing . Please help me for above problems. I live in India and procuring above stuff was a complete headache for me.
  9. Here are couple of links for fans with high cfm as you need. Silverstone Bullet Hub : ... s_id=21847 Coolermaster 12 cm fans : ... s_id=22962 Coolermaster 12cm LED fans : ... s_id=22966 Coolermaster 90CFM Fan : ... 36&id=4355 Coolermaster Long Life Fan : ... 36&id=4410
  10. Part no. for the fan is: R4-C2R-20AC-GP. These did not come with any led.But I found the notches in which I could fit in LED(3 mm) of whichever color I wanted. Also the fans have same specs as that of one pre-installed on Hyper 212. Also it produces the same effect as that of original fan.
  11. I requested mydealer to get fans that come with hyper212. He got me the once that look similar to hyper 212 but they do not feature leds. There are 4 notches which can accoamadate 3mm leds so try procure these instead so you can install any color of led yo want.
  12. This is how I did it: step 1: remove the mesh located at bottom of case. Step 2: Reposition the the HDD module Step3: Cut the bottom panel so that it aids in maximum air intake and drill hole to mount radiator Step4: Install mobo tray such that CPU is downwards toward the radiator Step5: Finish the installation
  13. Dude thats some serious Liquid cooling setup, i love it, please post some more pictures of it.I envy youy a lot.
  14. Yes Iknow its front panel, cause it so happens that latches on front wings do open up but refuse set back. also since i use hyper 212 I had to remove 20cm fan on side panel so it would just fit . also now I am plannig to install external LCS so that I can use fan in my case.
  15. so does that mean, cm will replace door mechanism as well as side panel cause I have cm hyper 212 thats 16cm tall amd recently imported one in India. Note : I live in India and its :) lot difficult to procure decent cooling devices for high end h/w.