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  1. Thanks, thats all I need to know. Removing the fan and its housing (whether its steel bracket of some sort) will be an easy task. I have a dremel, one can do so much with a dremel.
  2. Is just me, but you don't have to use the top fan, right? So, if one removed the top fan and its housing wouldn't that solve the issue? Meaning it would allow for the oversized PSU's of pc powering and cooling?
  3. Can you be alittle more specific? Exactly, why won't they? Do you have an oversized PSU to know this for sure or are you just eye balling it? Try to explain it, as to what can be done to resolve it.
  4. Thanks for the good info about the power pc and cooling PSU's. I'm all set to go.
  5. This is just wonderful, derfinitely music to my ears. A black 830, awesome man just awesome. The next question would be... Does or will it fit fine without modding. Pc power and cooling 800watter PSU fit fine? I ask, cause its longer than the usual or traditional PSU's, and I intend to get one when I order a black 830. Thanks
  6. I know its probably been asked before, but hey, I'm sorry and would really like to know nontheless. Thanks