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  1. Swervy

    Spare wires ?

    thanks for the reply... I believe all the front panel cables are attached except a green wire with a plus on and a white with a negative. I assume these are power for something but cannot locate anywhere on the mobo for them. Perhaps its a question more for mobo forum but as there from the case i just want clarification of their purpose and an idea of where i should be looking at sticking them? Many thanks Swervy PS Anyone use an ECS KN1 SLI mobo here ?
  2. Swervy

    Spare wires ?

    Any word on my spare wires guys. I dare not start her up incase im missing a vital connection
  3. Swervy

    Spare wires ?

    Hi, I’m having the same problem as a couple of other posters. I love my centurion 5 case and have fitted an ECS KN1 sli mobo to it. I’m having problems with the wires from the front I/O panel. I think I have got most of the wires in the right place (unfortunately both set instructions are of little help!) but I am left with a green + wire and a white - wire and look like they come from the power switch / LED part of the case. What are they for and where should they go? Thanks I’m quite baffled and this is my first build so I’m a touch inexperienced. Swervy