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  1. oooh, well these are a little pricey. I got them at newegg for about 170 for the kb and 80 for the mouse, so about 250 for the pair, not exactly pocket change. But, I figure how often will I buy a new kb/mouse, right? Hopefully these will last several years, and I just couldn't use any old cheapies with my mod, this kind of htpc project you just can't skimp on any of it, it has to look as good as the case. Also, I am use to using a touchpad with my laptop, and only one other wireless kb that I know of has a touchpad and its an offbrand cheapie. Of course I use a mouse for long sessions, but for average use I find a touchpad more convenient; to each his own of course. The mouse fits my hand like a glove and its very responsive. Of course my previous usb mouse was a four year old led mouse, so just moving to a laser mouse has been a huge improvement. Additionally, the Logitech software is excellent, it allows you to set up all the options for the kb and mouse simultaniously, so they work great together.
  2. You thought I was dead, didn't you? Nope. As my name implies, I never stay dead. Wow looking at the above posts, its been four months since I posted here, and six months (!) since I posted some actual progress. Well, I've been hibernating this winter, keeping warm by the light of my hdtv. But winter is ending, and today I dragged myself away from the siren call of 1080p, and I got one of my side panels cut. You can see how I cut it in part to hide the black plastic angle piece on the mobo tray. I decided to go wide open, because as someone said, why hide all that work? I won't be showing the side of the drive cage, it will be some sort of case badging you will see there. I will be completely covering the side panel with a solid piece of acrylic cut from the piece below. I will be tinting it so that the inside will only be visible when lit. Also, a couple weeks ago I spent my tax return on some cool stuff to get ready for a running system. That is a Logitech Dinovo Edge bluetooth kb and Logitech MX Revolution rf mouse. Also a 160gig sata hdd, not amazing I know, but it is the single platter Seagate, which should work well for os as it is cool and quiet. I got a sata dvd-rw drive with lightscribe. I also got some odds and ends, some cables, an external esata enclosure for my cable box, a usb to sata converter to test and use sata drives, and a copy of xp mce 2005 (I'm no MS fanboy, but I prefer to stay legit.) Oh yeah, and I also got this: The 600w iGreen. I didn't even want to take a picture of it because I know I couldn't do it justice, the finish on this psu is just gorgeous.
  3. yes, I would not recommend this for your desktop, haha! This monitor is actually only best suited for HTPC or other devices capable of 1080p output. The monitor can upscale and deinterlace, but not the best; actually the deinterlacer is not great. PC gaming should look good if you can sit back at least three feet. Merovingian, I had to monitor the price closely over a couple days as it kept fluctuating a lot and seized the moment when it came to this price. I was prepared to pay 1300 for it but I lucked out with just the right timing. considering msrp is I think 1500, 1100 is quite good! minhoca, I did a little acrylic work but my gf deleted the pics to make room on her flash card. I am definately motivated by this monitor to finish so I can use it to its full potential. I am hoping to get a little cash for christmas to put into the components, and also I should get at least $900 back on my tax return next month. Money has always slowed the progress of this mod and the need to work a lot to get the money leaves little time to actually work on the mod. Crazy isn't it?
  4. Well, not much work has been done in a little while, aside form some sanding and filing I did. (I swear, the filing/sanding is never finished!) Mostly I've been working hard to save up some money for this: Yes! Just delivered today! That is my main monitor, the 37" 1920x1080p Westinghouse 37w3 LCD!!!!!! (click for high res) I could have gotten the 42" or even the new 47", but I really like the dot pitch of this one. If I were to go larger than 40", I'll wait until they have 2560x1600 in that size. But thats a couple years down the road. For now, this is awesome! Its my first hdtv and my first tv larger that 26". I picked it up on J& for $899 plus 60 bucks shipping and no tax on thanksgiving weekend. Super cheap deal! I practically stole it. It leaves me enough money to get a stand and start looking for a Wii. I had regular cable and figured it would look like crap on this tv so yesterday I picked up a high-def dvr from the cable company. Digital tv looks decent through my Scientific Atlanta 8300HD, I set it up to output only 480p and above. But 1080i looks i n c r e d i b l e. Right now I am drooling over DiscoveryHD. I also rearanged the living room for better acoustics for my 5.1 surround sound. DVD's look pretty good too, especially in full widescreen, no more letterbox! But I really need to get this mod into gear, I need a good pc to upscale the video to 1080p; as good as this monitors scaling and deinterlacing is, a pc could do much more using vlc or ffdshow. After all, they do sell this as a 'monitor' and is best used as such. I should hook up my laptop tomorrow through vga and see how the monitor upscales 1280x1024 and 1024x768. This monitor has more inputs than you can shake a stick at! (what does that mean anyway? ) Future necessities: Wii (gonna look for one next week) Stand for both LCD and casemod (picking it up this weekend-pictures to come) Conroe e6600 Asus Stiker 680i mobo 2gb OCZ titanium ddr2 6400 8800gtx for gaming (I can dream a little) Creative X-Fi Fatality Creative Gigaworks THX 7.1 surround speakers
  5. to repeat earlier sentiments: less plastic, please! When making a new generation 830: please, start with black! I think most people prefer black. maybe offer black and grey at launch. and paint the whole thing! all the pictures I've seen of modded stackers with full internal paint look gorgeous, they really make the components stand out with a windowed side. I plan to black powdercoat mine when the cutting and modding is finished. How cost effective is powder coating from the factory? well, thats probably wishful thinking. though I hate to bring the hated "tt" into this forum, I have to admit the 7" lcd option for thermaltakes mozart is pretty darn cool. I dont want that, but as the stacker is cm's flagship case, maybe you could partner with a lcd maker to make a "stacker" branded lcd that retracts into a 5.25 bay. You'd sell a ton, and not just to stacker owners. I think this has been missing from the mod retailers for a while now. I'm not just wishful thinking here, I'm dead serious.
  6. I saw your war machine mod, that was pretty cool. this ones looking nice too, that powdercoat is gorgeous, I think powdercoating is the only way to go for a professional finish, as long as theres no bondo on it; I have already talked to a powdercoating shop near me about my case when its ready. That blowhole is an interesting idea. shiny things are good! will definately keep an eye on this.
  7. wow thats looks time consuming. very nice. I like the rose it really breaks up the tribal theme and makes it more than just random tribal. great job. you must have real steady hands!
  8. okay, as much as i want to play the tough guy, i have to admit that is darn cute! (dont let my avatar fool you, I really am a tough guy! but I'm a big softy when it comes to kids. )
  9. ^^^^ just goes to show, why buy a thousand dollar proc when a little oc can get the same or better speed on the midrange one?
  10. nah, gave up trying to beat the clock. isokay, i'll just enter it next year when I'll have it in a complete form. I was thinking about entering it in a half-finished state to be fair to all the others who "tried" . I'm sorry but there will be no competition next year. when i put everything together like i have in mind it will be the greatest Cooler Master mod ever (only a few originals like dark blade will be able to compare).
  11. i think two psu's would be unnecessary for most even upper end systems. I think its more intended for those with watercooling and lighting systems. otherwise even for a next gen g80 quad sli system you'd want a single high wattage psu. why do you think you need two? but i think the dualpsu connector that came with the stacker is a very sloppy way to do it. It would be more effective to open up the second psu and do some rewiring. cut the purple wire on the first psu and put a connector on it for the second psu or just solder them together. though I guess some may fear opening psu's and cutting wires (cmon who needs warranties? ) *note* I'll be using dual psu's in my mod but I'll have dual mobos
  12. wow, that stealthing plate looks better than I imagined with the wc hoses coming through. *jealousy* great job. cant wait to see it with wc all hooked up. Good luck in the contest. *jealousyjealousy*
  13. 1.1ghz celeron yeah. now you see why I need a new comp. just waiting for reviews on asus nforce 590 intel before I get a conroe E6600 I'll be back to this thread when I get it running
  14. I was board so I tried 1m superpi on my laptop. 3min52sec woot.
  15. err... no knud I had to just redo it. BTW it seems mandatory to show a pic or two of your cat on your case so here's my cat as I caught her this morning: