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  1. nope.. i bought a new one instead
  2. yes i did attached it well...no noise problem.. sorta heat problem bcuz i the fan speed is only 2066 rpm its kinda slow for my proc.. cuz my proc is very hot...just cant adjust the fan speed (
  3. not overclocked...yes its new.. i have one 120mm at the back of the case for exhaust.. and 4 infront 80mm.. one top of the case 80mm.. and one at the left side of the case 80mm...
  4. thanks but...i installed the speedfan.. and lower of higher the speed.. ddint work.. still running 2066-2069 is this its highest speed? i dont think so i read the specs it says it could reach 3200 rpm.. heheh my proc will burn soon :/ idling at 55-59C ...l i dont know :/
  5. thanks but how will i know if my mobo supports it?i checked the mobo info ddnt find any pwm :/
  6. yeah but.. cant fully understand.. sorry im still noob in hardwares..is still any other ways to adjust the fan speed?:/
  7. is there any software for windows or linux to adjust the fan speed? i dont have any fan controller ( wats pwm? is it a software?
  8. i just bought vortex tx.. and i cant change the fan speed..i have intel d915pgn as mobo...please help me my cpu is running 67C ( thanks in advance