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  1. Hi OldMX, Please fill out a part request form from the link http://www.coolermaster-usa.com/partrequest.php and we will be more than happy to assist you with the replacement part. I will also send you a PM with my email address so that you can keep me updated with your request. Once you receive your request number please reply back to my PM and I will follow up with our CS team. Best Regards, Alan
  2. That fan runs at 1200rpm, 44 CFM, 19dBA
  3. Yes, it will fit inside the case. Just keep in mind that it will take up 3 of your 5.25 bays.
  4. No worries, have you filled out a Part Request form already?
  5. Kuat, The air duct comes included with the case and we don't sell it sepparately, do you have one that is defective?
  6. trek7000, Let me give you the part request form so that you can get a replacement fan sent to you before your current one fails completely. Part Request
  7. It will work, but you will have to screw them in. You will need to remove the black pieces that allow you to mount the fans with out screws, and then you will be able to install the 38mm fans on there. Keep in mind that the fans are thicker and will be closer to your VGA and your CPU cooler, so you might want to see how much clearance you have.
  8. kishork, Please send me a PM with your contact information and I will have a rep contact you. The numbers you provided are indeed off the stable limit.
  9. ts_123

    bottom fan

    Guys, Send me a PM with your contact information(include your email) Criton are you located in the US? If so please contact our support team at (888) 624-5099 mik3_uk I will forward your inquiry to our Netherland branch and they will assist you. Thanks.
  10. YeMO, Both the Cosmos 1000 and the Stacker 830 support the longer PSU's. The Cosmos 1000 is geared towards silence and the Stacker towards performance. If you want more airflow inside your chassis to keep all your components cool, the Stacker would be your best choice, but if you want a silent PC with a sleek look, Cosmos 1000 meets the job.
  11. You would need to pull air, becuase if you push the air down towards the drives the hot air will be sucked right back into your chassis by the bottom intake fan.
  12. Yes the PSU will be a little bit warmer, but the fan on the PSU will spin faster to keep the components within cool. The PSU wont be in any danger, unless the fan stops working then yes, that would be a big issue. But you dont have to change your chassis, unless you want the PSU to be cooler and a bit quieter.
  13. In the chassis above(Centurion 5) the PSU mounting holes only allow the PSU to be mounted with the fan down. The top of the case doesn't have any ventilation holes. Our PSU's suck air in and exhuast it out through the back of the PSU. So if you would mount the PSU in this chassis with the fan facing up, like you have said, the mounting holes dont line up. Another thing will be that the fan wont have anywhere to get air from being that its blocked, so your PSU can overheat. In a chassis like this one, the way the PSU fan should face is downward towards your motherboard and CPU. Now in this chassis(Cosmos 1000) we provide more than the 4 mounting holes for the PSU, this allows the user to mount the PSU either with the fan facing up, or facing down, (users preference) This case has a opening at the bottom with a filter to allow the PSU to suck the fresh air from the outside of the chassis and pull it in to cool down the components inside the PSU. If you flip the PSU upside down(fan facing towards your motherboard) the PSU will suck the warm air from inside your chassis. In the Cosmos chassis were you have two options to mount the PSU you have two benefits, 1. The PSU fan faces down towards the air vent: The PSU will be much cooler and will be pulling in cool air instead of warm. 2. The PSU fan faces up towards the motherboard: The PSU will be a bit warmer because its sucking the warm air from the inside of the chassis, but its helping exhaust the warm air, therefore keeping your chassis a bit cooler inside.
  14. Kishor, Depending on your chassis you can mount the PSU facing up or down, example: on the Cosmos 1000 the chassis has a vent at the bottom for the PSU fan(PSU will draw air from the outside of the chassis and exhaust it out) , but you can also face the PSU with the fan up(the PSU will draw from the inside of the chassis and exhaust it out) In your case, your chassis I assume doesnt have any vents up at the top for the PSU fan, that is why the mounting holes place the PSU with the fan facing down. Which is correct in your chassis. The PSU fan will help exhaust some of the hot air from the inside of your chassis and exhaust it through the back, but being that the components inside the PSU are getting a bit warmer, the fan speed will increase to keep them cool. Note: If you experience any issues with the PSU you can contact our support team at (888) 624-5099 and they will gladly assist you. Thanks.
  15. Taragudrig, Send me a PM with your contact info and I will help you out with this. Thanks.