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  1. Kyo~Inoue

    Aquagate Mini

    Owh ok thx. Regarding the price. could you tell me the approx price? or if could tell me the price at your country?
  2. Kyo~Inoue

    Aquagate Mini

    Like The Subject, how does it work. how cold could it actually go? what will the price be? Thx In advance
  3. ok, thx and thx for the welcome.
  4. Hello, I recently got a Cavalier 1, its working fine. A few things i wanna ask. 1) how can i tell if its fake. Cause i read trough some forums and worried myself that my model is fake. 2) It came with a ring. i read the website saying that its to reduce magnetic things but where to i connect/put it onto which wire? 3) It also came with a Cooler Master logo on metal squarish sticker. what isit used for? 4) will the door effect the Cool Drive 6(HDD cooling device)? Kinda new here, i'm sorry for asking alot of questions Thanks In advance.