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  1. Hello,Everyone. I resume PC MOD after a long time.... Although some of my work is indicated here, I would like to participate by "COSMOS II" this time. I would like to do my best.
  2. Hello,everyone. Sending this case to "Hide-Rocket" which is a friend the other day, he made it complete splendidly. This is a dangerous SNIPER whom we discharge from Japan with confidence. Other photographs are exhibited here. C.M.C Gallery
  4. HAF922 Acrylics side panel Ver.
  5. Hello,everyone. In "Case Mod Competition2012", though it was regrettable, it was not chosen as the prize, but I continue CaseMod. This time, I processed the military tone into "SNIPER". First of all, a damage effect is constructed to the lock portion and HDD mounter of a 5.25-inch bay. It paints with dark yellow. An air brush expresses dirt. A crack is put in in part with a design knife. Tips give a crack so that the surface may be turned over. The portion turned over in Hull Red is painted and rust is expressed. Furthermore, expression into which rust flowed with the clear orange is carried out. Similarly a main part paints the effect of dirt with an air brush after painting in olive green. a side panel -- the same . A logo and "ripped metal" effect were painted in the right-hand side panel. Since it is a mismatch when it attaches then, an optical drive and a fan controller are also painted. The fan controller suitable for this image occurred only this. It is "FAN-ATIC" . After paint. An optical drive removes and paints only a cover portion. A damage effect is added similarly. The surplus logo plate was attached to the front. Topcoat is carried out by lusterless urethane clear, and it is completion. Incidentally, this PCcase is new one, although not believed to my wife. Thank you for your looking. And I am sorry to have been hard to understand my English. See you next Casemod.
  6. Hello,everyone. It completed today. The character portion of "HAF922" is a touch switch. The lighting pattern of the scanner of a front and lighting speed can be changed. The full acrylics side panel was also created. You Tube. Thank you very much for seeing. Although HAF922 ends now, reconstruction continues ATCS840,CM SNIPER and also COSMOS1000, COSMOSII, etc. after this. I am happy that it was able to meet you. See you♪
  7. Hello,everyone. At last, it completed mostly. A front fan's LED is replaced into a white and it attaches to atop side. â€CoolerMaster Mega Flow 200 " is used for a front. FAN of the front was specially used because ON of LED and OFF were possible. The "LED black hole Logo" was mounted to power supply hiding. A photograph and an movie will be taken next Sunday to make completion. Thank you for seeing. See you soon!!
  8. Hello,everyone. In order to avoid a trouble the other day, it decided to process a part of rear portion. Since the hose portion of H60 interfered also in this state, the portion of the red frame was further cut. The completion of attachment. ヽ(*´∀`)ノ It can be seen firmly that the character of "SABERTOOTH P67" of a mother board has shone. Time is seldom already left before a deadline. I put on a last spurt. Moreover, it reports in a few days. Thank you for seeing.
  9. Hello,everyone. A little trouble while assembling ... Although "Antec KUHLER-H2O-920" was due to be used for the CPU cooler this time, if it is used here ... It turned out that the illuminations of "SABERTOOTH P67" attached to the mother board are hidden. Using "Corsair H100", even if it attached the radiator to TOP, it thought, but wiring hiding of the 5.25-inch bay reverse side interferes, and is not attached. ε=(´Д` A part of rear portion of the case was processed, and it decided to use"Corsair H60". Truly, it is likely to become just before a deadline. ATCS840 is not likely to do on a deadline. Then, I will do my best. Moreover, it reports in a few days. Thank you for seeing.
  10. Hello,eveyone. The illuminations of a 5.25-inch bay were completed today. The label sheet printed on the milky acrylic board is stuck. A cover is made from the smoked acrylics of 1-mm thickness. Tape LED is attached to the back side. The test of lighting. Although a photograph was not able to be taken well, the character is emitting light like the top photograph in actual appearance. Moreover, it reports in a few days. Thank you for seeing.
  11. Thank you for your comments!! I'm very glad!!
  12. Hello,everyone. The outside was completed mostly today. The louver made before was attached to the left-hand side side panel, and the mesh was stuck from the back side. Since LED is attached to the louver, the light is switched on. A louver is due to be painted in silver to such an extent that it does not interrupt light. Tape LED is attached to a heavens side in this way. Lighting test Right side panel portion. The lighting test of a logo portion. The test of the LED flasher of a front. A lighting pattern and lighting speed are controllable by the touch switch installed in the TOP part. I am sorry that there is much camera shake. The illuminations of a 5.25-inch bay are under creation now. I will report again in a few days. Thank you for seeing.
  13. Hello,everyone. The other day, the 2nd clear coat was completed and the outside was completed mostly. The rest carries out embedding of an acrylics window, and attachment of a louver, and a side panel is completion. The LED flasher created to the front part the other day and the logo portion are equipped with LED. Completion of a heavens side part is hurried succeedingly and it goes into attachment of a parts. I will report again in a few days. Thank you for seeing.