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  1. and here are some more developements. i made the gpu shroud and also started the side name signs. this time i will be giving it the german as well as the english name, one plate on each side. i first saw an IRON MAIDEN for the very first time some years ago in Nürnberg in Germany and like the german name too. the name signs and the accompanying segments will all have leds behind the gemstones and will look like the cardinal belts of those evil men back in the day who sanctioned the use of this evil device against all they saw as heretics. more to come..
  2. this project is still being completed, but here is s first glance at where its going
  3. thx RK, yeah its scertainly a lot to do still on mine. i have some crazy ideas which all wanna be integrated. am still continuing of course. and will submit what i have tonight, but keep building and posting. good luck to you too. hi everyone, uhoh, today is submittance day, oh well. here is a another update. have got some internal piping done and made the monitor carriage which i am wiring up now. flip of a switch and the moniotr flips out the front. should be done today so i can get some paint on the base. am still working on a holy water finger dipper and it turns on too, so that will be an adventure. more to come.. See you at the DCMM in Leipzig in January 2019 with the IRON MAIDEN
  4. See you at the DCMM in Leipzig in January 2019 with the Trilobyte
  5. hi guys, so now its official. I wont be ready in time. But as usual, My conecpt and theme is more important than doing it in a hurry and not having thes result i want. So good luck to you all and Long live 100 percent handmade mods.
  6. hi guys, so now its official. I wont be ready in time. But as usual, My conecpt and theme is more important than doing it in a hurry and not having thes result i want. So good luck to you all and Long live 100 percent handmade mods.
  7. a little weathering, worbla n card board, stain and paint. now i have two side crucifixes of gold and bronze.the side cages are also wethered with silvering off and a little rust too.but first i did some internal work and made some framers set ins for the bernstein stones. the gems look like little jammy tarts, yummy!
  8. and some more progress hi guys, here are some more pics of additions to the maiden and thing is for sure now, It might be presentable but will be far from finished for the cmws2019. so the next station will be the DCMM. btw, i cut the cross off the forehead and will make it again. it wasnt centered properly
  9. hi guys, here is a little more work on the face and bonnet, am not satisfied yet, will build on it in the next days. i will actually be at the BERLIN COMIC CON with 20 mods for the next 4 days, so the next update will be small and probably next week. For all who are anywhere near and for who Berlin is reachable, If you want to see a bunch of awesomeness, then Berlin Comic Con on 28th-29th September is the place to. I will be there with at least 20 Mods.
  10. Hi guys. Today, I started crafting the base for the head. Its has to be stabily fixed but still must be able to be removed. I got the first coat of black on the encagement too. Thyes are very much subject to change though.
  11. thx mate, and more details are on the way. am running outa time though anyway, Hi guys, here is a little of what I have been upto today. making the cages was hard enough but this cladding is really tough work, 100s of pieces all cut to size and stuck on in a 10 finger blisterfull week. all my fingers are burnt and hurting now. THE IRON MAIDEN NOW HAS A FACE! :-)
  12. and here are the first fan covers. trilobytes of course.
  13. Hi guys and now I would like to start my Scratch Build Worklog for the CMWS2019 too. This mod is the first time that I am entering a competition with this kind of case. Its a mix of Handmade as I usually make and lasered parts. I wanted to show that I can use these machines as well just like all the other modders. However I tend to go bonkers with them too. They are too sterile and plain 90°, 45° and symetric are just too easy. Anyway, Its called TRILOBYTE, because of its similarity in a very abstract way to the Fossil. So, More to come. This time, It starts off with 3 weeks of programming. I hated every minute of it :-)
  14. hi guys and here is another little update, i have clad a lot of the frame with worbla andmust get some more tomorrow.i can only start placing everything inside when i know which cage holes will be open and which closed so lets get this done first. its gonna be tight getting this all ready for the CMWS2019 deadline.
  15. thanks brother. i do my best. i love historical themes, willl change alot though, hope i am finished on time...
  16. SO, the cage main structure is done, while the glue was hardening, i mounted the gpu waterblaock and the bracket. not sure i will use the bracket yet though. once again, in addition to coolermaster, thanks also to asus and thermaltake for the great hardware...
  17. Hi guys, here is another update from the IRON MAIDEN project. You can see the Iron Maidens shroud cage is slowly taking form. I also mounted the front Reservoir Pump Combo on the front after taking out the leds, I will place my leds differently. I want the holy water in the front, if you know what I mean.
  18. and here are the first pics of the base and the case with the first cage enclosure trials. yes its gonna be biog, its gonna be heavy, its gonna be friggin awesome...
  19. Thanks to CM for sending me an extra side panel instead of glass. yes this time i need to be able to make my own windows for the iron maidens encagement. so i cut them out of both sides. Thanks goes also to Cooolermaster for the case and PSU, as well as Thermaltake and Asus too for the great hardware. which you will see here and in course of the build.
  20. THE IRON MAIDEN, based upon a Coolermaster Cosmos C700M and CM PSU Hi guys. yes its time I get some material up now too. I was so busy with the Gamescom and co. Anway, I have renamed my Inquisition mod to THE IRON MAIDEN. because then I can scathe the history books for elements I can integrate instead of just concentrating on the Spanish inquisition. OF course its got nothing to do with the band named IRON MAIDEN, its more the history of what was used and when and who when we think of that very dark age torture device. But of course It has to be art, so it will all be made by hand. No shortcuts into 3d printing, lasercuts or cnc etc.. Some of the pics are from the first batch when it was still called the Inquisition mod and here are some new ones too Firstly, the Cosmos isnt heavy enough or big enough, so lets take care of that :-)
  21. hi guys, ALI (THE CRE8OR) Abbas here. just wanted to say that you should maybe check out the links in your CMWS2918 site. One cannot click on any worklogs. Just see the main thumbnail. every click on any one results in the following problem. checked it at work and at home, same problem, so its not a local issue. Regards, Ali Die Website ist nicht erreichbar Die Server-IP-Adresse von localhosthttps wurde nicht gefunden. Versuchen Sie Folgendes: Verbindung prüfen Proxy, Firewall und DNS-Konfiguration prüfen Windows-Netzwerkdiagnose ausführen ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED Neu laden Details ausblenden
  22. And finally, a short summary of the features. Even though I dont really know where to start. The ARMAGEDDON is a fully collapsible transportable computer desk. Its legs can be folded in, the table top swung down and then it can be moved through any doorway. It has a a motorised diagonally sinkable keyboard, a touchpad, a subwoofer under the desk with the left and right swivel satellites on both sides. The 2x Video7 19" monitors can be elevated via a linear motor and appear from behind the case. The monitors are situated between the desk and the main computer hardware panel which makes up the back of the whole build. 'The top of the monitor carriage holds 2 unfoldable and concealabe lights and a camera carriage where the camera can be moved by switching the motor left or right dependimng upon which monitor one wants to show the picture. The top left of the table top has a modified VCR tape holder which can be be button released and shows the 7x USB Ports hub with activating switches. It is based upon: Intel I7 Asus Maximus Imact ITK Mainboard 2x Corsair 8gbyte DDR3 Rams 4x 128Gbyte Angelbird SSDs Asus DVD RW Drive Creative Labs Cambridge Theater Suvwoofer 2.1 System An ATI Radeon 9500 Grafikcard A fully self made Thermaltake based combination of soft and hard pipes watercooling system with a PAcific CPU Block and D5 cylindric reservoir And Finally a V1000 Coolermaster PSU to power the whole system here are some videos of making some of the motorised and special parts Here is a portray made by a TV channelö here where you can see some of the Armageddon while it was still under construction.