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  1. hi guys, ALI (THE CRE8OR) Abbas here. just wanted to say that you should maybe check out the links in your CMWS2918 site. One cannot click on any worklogs. Just see the main thumbnail. every click on any one results in the following problem. checked it at work and at home, same problem, so its not a local issue. Regards, Ali Die Website ist nicht erreichbar Die Server-IP-Adresse von localhosthttps wurde nicht gefunden. Versuchen Sie Folgendes: Verbindung prüfen Proxy, Firewall und DNS-Konfiguration prüfen Windows-Netzwerkdiagnose ausführen ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED Neu laden Details ausblenden
  2. And finally, a short summary of the features. Even though I dont really know where to start. The ARMAGEDDON is a fully collapsible transportable computer desk. Its legs can be folded in, the table top swung down and then it can be moved through any doorway. It has a a motorised diagonally sinkable keyboard, a touchpad, a subwoofer under the desk with the left and right swivel satellites on both sides. The 2x Video7 19" monitors can be elevated via a linear motor and appear from behind the case. The monitors are situated between the desk and the main computer hardware panel which makes up the back of the whole build. 'The top of the monitor carriage holds 2 unfoldable and concealabe lights and a camera carriage where the camera can be moved by switching the motor left or right dependimng upon which monitor one wants to show the picture. The top left of the table top has a modified VCR tape holder which can be be button released and shows the 7x USB Ports hub with activating switches. It is based upon: Intel I7 Asus Maximus Imact ITK Mainboard 2x Corsair 8gbyte DDR3 Rams 4x 128Gbyte Angelbird SSDs Asus DVD RW Drive Creative Labs Cambridge Theater Suvwoofer 2.1 System An ATI Radeon 9500 Grafikcard A fully self made Thermaltake based combination of soft and hard pipes watercooling system with a PAcific CPU Block and D5 cylindric reservoir And Finally a V1000 Coolermaster PSU to power the whole system here are some videos of making some of the motorised and special parts Here is a portray made by a TV channelö here where you can see some of the Armageddon while it was still under construction.
  3. thanks bob, am glad yopu like it. so guys as promised, here are some final pics. after finishing this mod, i went on to defend my german casemodding title in the scratch build category and also the cases on the move category. so in other words the building period of almost 5 years and all together 2500 hours really paid off. my most extent build so far as the amount of work is concerned. it has been exhibited at teh worlds largest computer museum in paderborn and is now going to the comic con in basel switzerland with all my other 30 mods too. after that it will find its place as my personal desk in berlin, straight after taking part at the annual modding masters in friedrichshafen in germany.
  4. ARMAGEDDON, THE SUM OF ALL FEARS, Hi, everyone. Here is my Scratch build entry for the 2017 World Series. In 2012, wehen the media was spreading all this news about the worlds end, I decided to build a machine that would intervene axactly that. :-) Its called ARMAGEDDON, THE SUM OF ALL FEARS, and is indeed the mother of all desk mods. I didnt want to just make yet another glass top desk here. thats been done 100s of times. So I concentrated on making it looking lethally capable of intervening an imminent ARMAGEDDON. This gigantic foldable and transportable deskmod is fully automated with a retractable keyboard which can be retractaed into the table top and is hence flush. The loud speakers can be taken off without cables, the webcam can be tilted as well as driven 70cm left or right just by a knob and switch, depending on which monitor you are using for i.e. skype. The 2x monitor can be lowerde by just flicking a switch and recede into the table back. On top there are two hidden covers which hold a push button flip out USB 7xport arry and a tablet holder with charging power ports for cell phones. apart from that it has the all important hidden energy drink holder and headphones holder and connectors in the front too. and so os much more. its all water cooled and consists of an ASUS Maximus VII Impact and I7 processor, 4 Angelbird 128gb SSDs, a DVDRW, 16gigs of Hyperx ram and its own built in Creative labs cambridge 2.1 subwoofer system. The ARMAGEDDON weighs approx 75 Kilos and I have painted it in such a way that it looks like old rusty forged and cast iron. actually its made to 99 % wood. The paintjob makes people ask me whether I need a fork lift truck to transport it. The great thing about this concept is that its totally compact when, retract the keyboard, fold the legs in, lower the monitors down and then flip the table top down. this way the whole monstrous colossal desk with all its extras can be transported through any doorway and set up some where else. It won the German Casemodding Championship in 2 categories this year at the Gamescom in Cologne for Best scratch build and best electro mechanics. its been to museums and exhibitions and is now going to the swiss comic con in Basel. I am very proud of this build which took me 4 years to complete. Like I said, it took me 4 years while making other projects too, to get this one finished so you can imagine I have 100 times more pictures than just these here. But I hope they somehow show what an ordeal it was building this monstrosity. The next post will show you the Coolermaster parts integration and hardware and of course then the final pics and videos show all the animated and motorised parts. mod on guys, I hope you like it. Ali Abbas
  5. Hi Guys, here is my second entry for the Scratchbuild category of the Coolermaster World Series 2016 In this case the name is the game. ARMAGEDDON, The sum of all fears depicts what happen between what was and what is. Once again I would like to mention that its all 100 % handmade, no automative tools like cnc, 3d printers, laser or waterjets were used. the paintjob will be something not done before too. Its basically a computer table with hardware, but i wanted to radically change what others have made of this idea and make it more desk that can tranform into a PC. I did that by motirosing much of the hardware. One big difference is of course that I am taking leave from the very many time seen glass top tables which display the hardware. Dont get me wrong I love those builds, but they all follow the same principle, glass tope leds and water cooling and lighting etc,, all visible. My hardware will be inside and underneatch and mostle in the back of the table Another feature which was important for me is that it is a foldable tabel and can be transported even though when its stands its huge. ITS STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION, but here is the progress so far, which will be finished by the end of the registration progress here, I hope. So far the monitor can be eleveated and lowered in, the camera can be slid left and right approx. 50cms, the keyboard can be revealed or concealed and the camera can now be tilted too and the 7xusb 3.0 hub can be revealed or concealed too. much much much more to come of course. this is the basic idea, with all sorts of hardware which can be revealed or concealed. stealthy and cutting edge.
  6. RAGNAR`S REVENGE, THE VIKING COMPUTER SCRATCH BUILD: 3x German Champion Scratch Build 2015. One thing I would like to mention before hand is, that this build, just like all my builds is a 100% handmade creation. No CNC, 3D Printer, Laser or Waterjets at all were used. No automatic tools, only hand held tools were in use. Hi everyone. Her is my entry Scratch Build for the CM World Series 2016. It is a theme I always wanted to build and when the new Vikings series started it was actually the kick start for this one. The vikings are omni present even though they actually only pillaged and plundered and stole and murdered in historic time window of approx. 230 years. after that they managed through settlements and adjusting to simply flow and blend in with the rest of europe. The settled down, made deals with certain kingdoms, truces and land owning as well as trade started and thex even converted to christianity. All this and the flow of history in general led to them simply diminishing in the wake of a new era. Nevertheless, they ahve left a mighty legacy and by god its one worth telling about. Amongst the stories we are told, many legends and heroes as well as myths and mysteries were created and still are being discovered. Many lies and legends like the helmets they were supposed to have worn were created by none the less as Wagner and other myths like they even had horns and wings on them were concocted by hollywood for entertainment. Many things can be relied on as factual though, like the rights of women as somewhat equals, the very functional but rational and some times radical but very efficient form of democracy, as well as the stories and there with growing legends of brave warriors and expediteuers and adventurers who discovered the americas long before Columbus and Amerigo did. This case is not dedicated toa a single legend but to all of them, with all the heroes and heretics, whether brave or bad, whethere true or untrue. Its was however very much inspired by the historcally true but at the same time drenched in mysterious tales of one Warrior. His name was RAGNAR LODBROCK. May the modding begin.
  7. hi guys, so the Thermaltake UK Trophy and Invitational is over and now i can dedicate my time to the ARMAGEDDON project again. after the mod is before the mod. i dont know what happened to the pics in the öast post, but here they are again. i didnt like the first speaker design and decided to integrate my creative labs 2.1 sub woofer. i made new speaker cases and a mount out of music jack and sockets, this was i just click them on and swivel them in whatever direction i want them while they dont lose the connection. her i made the jack on connection, it works great. more to come..
  8. thanks warren, sorry for the delay, here is the next batch of pics. the next step was to make the top of the montir box so as to carry a camera slide which lets the camera slide left and right as well as tilting. I also started the back shelf which will host certain hardware like dvd, panels, button etc.. then i found this great video recorder top casette loader tray. this will be a great feature for holding a retractable usb hub. i went again to the scrap yard but couldnt find another one. two would have been good. here i found a lot of left over cog rails from other projects, will utilise them all in a row for the camera slide. the slide will run on a modified cabel channel plastic carriage as you see her in the making. i mouted the camera on he carroage with a servo to tilt and the motorisation is froms scrap yard salvaged motor with worm drive found in a broken slide projector. i can take the whole carroage camera system off as a module later like here. here you see the mid section of the back shelf which will not only hold the dvd and co. but also be athe cave for the keyboard cover when the keyboard is raised. i had to buys and extra long borer for the push button of the video recorder loader usb hub mechanism. as you can see, the keyboard cover slides automatically into the back shelf cave. am also making a second leds cache shelf with indirect light towards the back for eye easiness later when useing this. this little clock set me bac 3 euros and will be a nice little analogue feature in the middle of the shelf. opposie side from the video hub, is another hidden closet which will hold usb power connectors for charging phones etc.. thus they will not be flying around on the table. can also hide a usb hdd case in there. i am simply making these long but slim drawers because its possible to use the legs that way, are not really necessary, but the legs are hollow so why not. of course i want sound integration too, so i am modifying my creative labs 2.1 system for thsi build. the satteleites will remian in the original caseing for better acoustic but be totally shrouded in armaggedon style. this is still a test for the optics of whether i use them or not. when painted they should look like protective guards, lets see. more to come..
  9. and once again, here some,,,,,well maybe the last ones and videos the first video is in german, but he closes in on the electromechanics too when i explain how it opens etc.. also how the camera drawer bridge mechanics work and how the ram battons are switched. also teh swing out concealable elctro monitor mechanism. this video is not the best quality, i made it after it was more or less ready in 2015, but its not the best quality. but its in english :-) it actually explains everything i thought up though.
  10. and seeing as the forum doesnt support so many picture posts in one go, here is another batch. dont forget that these purple and blue parts are now black, the chrome too..
  11. Hi guys, well what should I say, the CM powered RAGNAR`S REVENGE scratch build was then complete. the only thing i did after that was install some northman music for demos and also blackened the interfaces and conection ports at the back. It was one of my most exciting builds so far because it proves that modern technology can live in harmony with middle aged viking technology. yes ladies and gentlemen, this is what computers looked like a 1000 years ago. just for the record, RAGNARS`S REVENGE went to the annual German Casemod Championship last August 2015 at the Gamescom in Cologne. Veni, Vidi, Vici. It won all 3 possible German Champion titles, best, scratch build, best electro mechanics as well as the public vote as the Gamescoms most spectacular casemod. WOW!!! I hope you like it too :-) here are the final pics. rmember the blue connection ports at the back are now black... at the end are a few videos explaining it.
  12. still fitting everything in. am now here doing the inside wiring and hardware placing. i stuck a piece of white ply into the shells of the bottle bottoms and stuck the leds a little bit further back. hence when you look at them from the front, they look as if they are 3d. led tests. wired up the monitor laid out the dvd blueray wires for the external leds and switch next post will be the final pics and explanation video....
  13. a special thanks to my infant sponsors, my niece and nephew for this unused nappy. itll make a great sail because the structure is visible. the sail will be on the swing arm and can be adjusted to see or not to see the mainboard and processor. i spanned and stuck in onto the wooden frame i made now we can already see the seems which should look tighter like in real sails. i dirtied it up a bit with the airbrush. then i made a viking logo for spraying on, a D and an M for their initials. side fans and speakers. the stainless steel plate is behind the RAGNARS REVENGE logo inside to reflect the light back out. the door mech and electro. fitting and sticking all the details on. all the iron looks are made by mixing up water based and solvent based paints. they dry in differnet intervals and hence mix funny. making it look like metal, if you take the right colors. a very uneven stressed look.
  14. thanks guys, am glad it appeals. so, of course the next logical steps, but boring for the documentation as usual were sanding staining sanding staining. then the :) hit the fan,,,,,,,,,,damn...... broke ragnar in two... the good thing was that it of course snapped in one of the grooves so i could smart repair it, while using the the CM psu as a weight while it dried. the whole build was stained brown and airbrushed dark with black in all the grooves to give it a more oldish look. by the way i used printer ink as stain in my airbrush. these fan covers are made of mesh with which we usually hold back leaves and dirt in drain pipes, they look like iron casted. i then stuck the iron cast fittings parts on. and again used all i could find as weights for it. this build only has white leds, the fans too only have white, didnt want any colors which the vikings didnt have. the leds for power and hdd are hidden behind these perfum bottle bottoms, which when lighting look like ancient glass. the leds look blueish in the pics, but are actually white.
  15. then it was finally breakdown time. time to get some stain an color into the equation i did however have a few more little details which i forgot to post, here they are. studs foe the metal fittings and iron works which is still visible as wood. this is the reset botton, hidden and can be pressed with the extras mast which is clasped on to the main deck. the viking longboats always had an extra mast for emergencies. # so, the next post will be the build up, then the finals with video.