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  1. Hello to everyone! The MasterKeys Pro L and S launched a few weeks ago. My personal feeling: "it's LED-Tastic!" Now... You're probably playing around with custom LED modes. Feel free to share your custom LED mode! Custom LED-mode / name: Proud to be Dutch. Cheers, Pim
  2. 3-Pin connector pumps Please do not modify the pump speed. Lowering the RPM might result air bubbles or a decrease in performance. Lowering the pump speed could also damage the unit, and might result in a failing pump. New water cooler noisy? Rattlin or ticking pump noise? Air bubbles might be stuck in the loop. Please let the pump operate for a good day. Still experiencing noise? Please contact the support or request RMA. Cooler Master cases & water cooling support COSMOS II COSMOS SE HAF X CM 690 III
  3. Hello everyone, I am very happy to announce Firmware v119. We have teamed up with motherboard manufacturers to solve the 'No Boot- startup problem'. Download the latest Firmware today: Version: Firmware V.119 (EU ISO layouts, 88 Keys) Release Date 2014-12-04 Language English File Size 1.32 MB Description 88 keys; for language layouts of DE,FR,GR,IT,ND,SB,SP,TR,UK Download http://assets.cooler...ack-v119-uk.zip Version: Firmware V.119 (US ANSI layouts, 87 keys) Release Date 2014-12-04 Language Multi languages support File Size 1.32 MB Description 87 keys; for language layouts of AF,RU.TA,TC,US,UI,CZ,SK Download http://assets.cooler...ack-v119-us.zip Also I would like to thank everyone for reporting the problem. We really appreciate it! Now go go go! 'Update your QuickFire Rapid-i Disco board. Cheers, Pim
  4. Hello everyone, Feel free to share your Xornet II experience, pictures and gaming moments! The first thing that I did with my Xornet II: I made photos in the garden. The first game I played with my Xornet II: Team Fortress 2 as a sniper. Yes... I know it's a bit 'old school', but still a lot of fun with friends. My favorite Team Fortress 2 map? cp_orange_x3 = headshot time. Lately I've been playing Fallout 4 and Call of Duty: Black Ops III. What settings do I prefer? Most of the time around 750 - 1000 DPI / Low LOD (all games, especially when playing FPS). In Windows I use 1600 DPI. Cheers, Pim
  5. WINDOWS 7, 8 & 8.1 > Devastator Backlight Doesn't Turn Off at Shutdown Note: BIOS settings, options and choice of words can be different. Enter the BIOS search for Advanced Controls > Advanced Power Management or Power Management > Enable EuP Ready option. Enter the BIOS search for Advanced Controls > Advanced Power Management > Enable ErP Support or ErP option or ErP Ready. [brand specific: Gigabyte]. No progress? Clear the CMOS, and try the steps above once more. Read your motherboard user manual to find out if there are any specific bios settings or jumper settings that deal specifically with USB power settings. Easy fix: flip the PSU power switch 'OFF'. (Not actually a fix but a temporarily option). The USB power options after shutdown are mainly for USB charging devices (Smartphones or Tablets, etc.) MAC OS X > CM Storm Devastator Backlight on MAC OS X Note: This is an unsupported work-around, but suggested for MAC OS X users. Download the HID LED Test tool kit: https://developer.apple.com/library/mac/samplecode/HID_LED_test_tool/Introduction/Intro.html Open the folder 'Build'. From 'Build' open up the 'Release' folder. Once 'Release' is opened, it will pop-up an output. The Devastator will start cycling and blinking. Once all the keys are lit up hit 'Ctrl + C' to terminate the terminal. The Devastator backlight should work now. (Credits: ninjasiat, and others on the Apple forums). LINUX [under construction]
  6. Dear CM Community, Computex is here! We proudly present to you our new logo! Whatever Your Make, Make It Yours. Make It Cooler Master. New product announcements: MasterCase 5 & MasterCase Pro 5 MasterCase 5 & MasterCase Pro 5 Cooler Master Launches MasterCase - World’s First Mid-Sized Modular Tower with Exterior Expandability. Inspired by our Revolutionary Concept Case - The MasterConcept MasterCase and MasterConcept Pioneer FreeForm™ Modular System COMPUTEX’15, June 2, Taipei – Cooler Master is excited to announce the launch of the MasterCase, the world’s first mid-sized modular tower with exterior expandability. The MasterCase heralds a new family of cases that offer unparalleled control over form and function. It draws inspiration from the MasterConcept, a revolutionary concept case developed at Cooler Master Headquarters in Taipei. “The MasterConcept represents a vision that every person’s PC case should be unique, and is a first step in a fundamental reimagining of our relationship with our fans and supporters,” said PS Tang, Vice President, Cooler Master. “Inspired by the MasterConcept’s revolutionary approach to interior and exterior modularity, the MasterCase represents the crest of this new wave of case technology.” Cooler Master’s FreeForm™ Modular System The MasterConcept and MasterCase break new ground in the way PCs are designed, made, bought and used. Fundamental to this reimagining is FreeForm™. Cooler Master wants users to have absolute control over how their case looks and functions. So FreeForm provides options to adjust the case exterior via the replacement of panels and doors, while also offering unparalleled flexibility for a mid-sized case in terms of interior layout. Computex 2015 will see Cooler Master debut the MasterCase 5, a 460mm-tall modular tower that comes in three distinct iterations: MasterCase 5, MasterCase Pro 5 and MasterCase Maker 5. Users can choose from the MasterCase 5’s dual top handles and standard door, the MasterCase Pro 5’s elevated mesh top cover, or the sleek lines, solid top cover and brooding, open-vent front door of the MasterCase Maker 5. In the MasterCase, FreeForm allows a single case to support a host of different configurations, enabling users to upgrade rather than replace their case and system. Through a unique clip-and click panel, FreeForm also lets users vertically adjust or entirely remove drive cages, allowing for multiple system configurations like home servers, water-cooled workstations, or gaming rigs with dual-slot extra-long graphics cards.
  7. Hello everyone, I made a video on how to record a macro for a Cooler Master Storm Gaming mouse. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask! (only related questions about macros). Cheers, Cooler Master Representative Pim
  8. Pclinde

    Looking to buy a replacement

    Hi, The CM Storm Sirus S has not dedicated soundcard (like the Sirus 5.1). The controller with the knob. The Sirus S has an in-line controller. We've released the MasterPulse Pro a while ago, take a look: http://www.coolermaster.com/peripheral/audio/masterpulse-pro/ Kind regards, Pim
  9. Hi IIC13, Same thing here. It draws more dust on the top / front. Still it's on the outside of the case. Kind regards, Pim
  10. Pclinde

    CM Storm Xornet II - Claw Style!

    Hi, Bug fixes & stability. Kind regards, Pim
  11. Hey guys, I made a video on how to record a macro for a Cooler Master Storm Gaming keyboard. Enjoy! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask! (only related questions about macros). Cheers, Cooler Master Representative Pim
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    CM Storm Xornet II - Claw Style!

    Same here^ let me update HQ.
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    CM Storm Xornet II - Claw Style!

    Hi guys, Download our portal for the lastest firmware 1.28 (live since yesterday). http://gaming.coolermaster.com/en/support/downloads/528/Global Kind regards, Pim
  14. Sentinel Z3RO-G Support/Guide 1. Sentinel memory issue 2. SH branding removal + How to video 3. DPI Switching 4. Grill removal + How to video 5. Applying new mouse feet + How to video 6. How does the Zero-G look from the inside? 7. Permanently breathing problem ----- 1. Sentinel memory issue Connect Your Sentinel Zero G with a 32bit PC. Update your sentinel Zero-G with the latest firmware 1.5. When the installation is complete reboot the PC and keep your Sentinel Zero-G connected. After the reboot remove your Sentinel Zero-G and connect it with your 64bit PC, the issue should be solved now. Also keep in mind that you have firmware 1.5 installed on your 64bit PC. ----- 2. SH branding removal + How to video Start up your Sentinel Zero-G software. When it’s done loading you should select “color control” by clicking left. In this menu there is a small text line containing the following text: “DISABLE FULL-SCREEN LOGO.” Click on the text line to disable the full screen logo. Now confirm your settings by clicking the “apply” button in the lower right corner of the Sentinel menu. You’re done, there shouldn’t be a full screen logo anymore. ----- 3. DPI Switching The Zero-G is on-the-fly DPI switching. Some users may occur a mouse lag/stutter when switching back to 800DPI. This problem cannot be solved yet and probably it will be updated in the future. For now the lowest DPI you can switch to is 1025DPI without any mouse lag/stutter. ----- 4. Grill removal + How to video This video will show you how to remove the grill from a CM Storm Sentinel Zero-G. Use a small screwdriver and lift the grill with all care. CM Storm is not responsible for any damage that you deal to your CM Storm Sentinel Zero-G. ----- 5. Applying new mouse feet + How to video This video will show you how to apply new mouse feets. Make sure you work with all care! What tools did I use to apply new feets? - Small kitchen knife (Watch your fingers when peeling the old feets off) - Alcohol (Don’t rub the alcohol on the laser or S/N Sticker) - Kitchen paper (For applying the alcohol and cleaning the surface) - CM Storm Sentinel Zero-G mouse feet (One additional set comes in the package with the Zero-G) The video will provide you the full process of removing, cleaning and applying. Washing your hands before the full process is also advised! ----- 6. How does the Zero-G look from the inside? !Opening your mouse will void the warranty! This is your own risk! A full batch of pictures: !Will be uploaded soon! !Opening your mouse will void the warranty! This is your own risk! ----- 7. Permanently breathing problem The only possible way to fix this is by resetting the Zero-G. (For resetting execute ZeroG2Default) Folder Location: Program files -> Cooler Master -> ZERO-G. Folder overview: It will reset the Zero-G to factory defaults. ----- If your Sentinel Zero-G mouse is not working after these steps please reply in this thread. Make sure you support us with detailed information such: 1. What problem did you encounter? 2. When did it occur? 3. When did you buy the product? (Date) 4. Where did you buy it? (Store) With the information we gather we can solve more issues and help our fellow Storm members! Problem not solved yet? Please contact for support with the following support form: http://www.cmstorm.com/en/support/27/ The guide will be updated with new information and tips & tricks. Best regards, Pclinde
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    Official MasterCase 5 Series Owners Club

    Photo: MasterCase Pro 5 with Maker parts next to it. https://www.instagram.com/p/BJJAkuOjDE3/?taken-by=cm_pim&hl=en
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    CM storm octane

    Hi Boyd, I'm a Dutchie, but this forum is English only. I will PM you. Kind regards, Pim
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    Have you tried different surfaces?
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    CM Storm Trigger Z MX Brown - Dead LED at "F12"

    Same for you. Request RMA.
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    Custom illumination on Masterkey pro

    Hi Disco Dave, It should be possible with our SDK. Too bad I have not experience with C++. Kind regards, Pim
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    ASUS Rampage OC Panel Cooler master pro 5

    Hi, I believe there are no other options at the moment. (Someone?) Kind regards, Pim
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    Cooler Master Pro 5

    Hi Critrying, Thanks for the kind words! I would start with a grit around 320 or 180. Or myabe something like this? Kind regards, Pim
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    Finding the Exact 'Button Response Time'

    Hi boddole, This is not possible. Kind regards, Pim