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  1. Hi, The CM Storm Sirus S has not dedicated soundcard (like the Sirus 5.1). The controller with the knob. The Sirus S has an in-line controller. We've released the MasterPulse Pro a while ago, take a look: http://www.coolermaster.com/peripheral/audio/masterpulse-pro/ Kind regards, Pim
  2. Hi IIC13, Same thing here. It draws more dust on the top / front. Still it's on the outside of the case. Kind regards, Pim
  3. Hi, Bug fixes & stability. Kind regards, Pim
  4. Hi guys, Download our portal for the lastest firmware 1.28 (live since yesterday). http://gaming.coolermaster.com/en/support/downloads/528/Global Kind regards, Pim
  5. Photo: MasterCase Pro 5 with Maker parts next to it. https://www.instagram.com/p/BJJAkuOjDE3/?taken-by=cm_pim&hl=en
  6. Hi Boyd, I'm a Dutchie, but this forum is English only. I will PM you. Kind regards, Pim
  7. Pclinde


    Have you tried different surfaces?
  8. Hi Disco Dave, It should be possible with our SDK. Too bad I have not experience with C++. Kind regards, Pim
  9. Hi, I believe there are no other options at the moment. (Someone?) Kind regards, Pim
  10. Hi Critrying, Thanks for the kind words! I would start with a grit around 320 or 180. Or myabe something like this? Kind regards, Pim
  11. Hi boddole, This is not possible. Kind regards, Pim
  12. Hi Zelinko, This is possible. Both sides can be mounted. Kind regards, Pim
  13. I think it's something hardware related. Even after a fresh installation the problem is still there. I also have a Sentinel II and didn't experience any problems so far. I also have a Sentinel III, same as the Sentinel II no problems for me. Kind regards, Pim
  14. You can open it, but it will void the warranty. Use a little drop of lube. Kind regards, Pim
  15. Hi boddole, The Recon is officially discontinued. Kind regards, Pim
  16. Hi, Try various USB-ports both USB 2.0 / 3.0 Update your chipset / USB drivers Any BIOS updates available? Load optimized defaults in the UEFI Does the same problem occur on another system? Thanks! Pim
  17. Like Knud mentioned: not possible in any other way.
  18. Hi Soren, I think a broken wire / cable. You can replace the cable, but this takes times and a little bit of knowledge. I think it's time for a new headset. Kind regards, Pim