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  1. is the v8 gts better then airmaker 8 with 3dvc

    does the gts also have 3dvc

  2. is the v8 gts better then airmaker 8 with 3dvc

    does the gts also have 3dvc

  3. Hi, The CM Storm Sirus S has not dedicated soundcard (like the Sirus 5.1). The controller with the knob. The Sirus S has an in-line controller. We've released the MasterPulse Pro a while ago, take a look: http://www.coolermaster.com/peripheral/audio/masterpulse-pro/ Kind regards, Pim
  4. Hi IIC13, Same thing here. It draws more dust on the top / front. Still it's on the outside of the case. Kind regards, Pim
  5. Hi, Bug fixes & stability. Kind regards, Pim
  6. Hi guys, Download our portal for the lastest firmware 1.28 (live since yesterday). http://gaming.coolermaster.com/en/support/downloads/528/Global Kind regards, Pim
  7. Photo: MasterCase Pro 5 with Maker parts next to it. https://www.instagram.com/p/BJJAkuOjDE3/?taken-by=cm_pim&hl=en
  8. Hi Boyd, I'm a Dutchie, but this forum is English only. I will PM you. Kind regards, Pim
  9. Pclinde


    Have you tried different surfaces?
  10. Hi Disco Dave, It should be possible with our SDK. Too bad I have not experience with C++. Kind regards, Pim