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    Cosmos S

    Almost there got it up and running seems to be ok Still got to put acrylic in the panel and a couple of other bits and bobs. Pics so far Thats where i am at the mo im happy how it looks Thanks for looking
  2. skullen

    Cosmos S

    Sorry for the late reply footman,i used plastikote for primer and white. Hope this helps. Thanks for looking
  3. skullen

    Cosmos S

    Small update,some pics New fans Fitted and testing Made some standoffs from rad spacers Test fitting some more fittings Hope to do some more at the weekend. Thanks for looking
  4. skullen

    Cosmos S

    Few more pics Stuck a couple of blue fans in for now might go with these or i have some white ones coming. Got some EC6 blue fluid so i will have a play with both sets of fans to see what looks better and hope to light up the fluid. Thanks for looking.
  5. skullen

    Cosmos S

    Build is a bit slow at the mo. Painted the handles And my grills Changed the inside panels to black acrylic Rear panel with grill Floor panel M/Board and front cover done,pump and res for a test fit. Thats where i am at the mo thanks for looking
  6. Nice job on the bezel,very very nice
  7. Awesome work as allways Boddaker
  8. skullen

    Cosmos S

    Hi all,there are a lot of awesome builds here. My next build will be a Cosmos S nothing to posh just a bit of work here and there. Keeping cost down a bit i will be using some bits from my last build (white lian li 343b) and some new bits and yes im a tight old git. I like the colour of the case so will be keeping the grey with some white thrown in maybe another colour but not sure yet. First bit was to spray the mesh bits white I borrowed this idea from someone this will save me a few bob Swapped both panels and sprayed the mesh white Tapped and ready to cut,not to big of a window just enough to show me bits I got some alu panels for the inside cut to size just needs to be worked on a bit The peice with the red bit round it is a peice of 50mm x25mm angle,reason for this is it gives me an extra 50mm to work with behind the cover for hiding wires and adding a 120mm fan Rear panel with fan and grill just test fitting Added fan and pump stand,will be using a tank res Not sure about the front yet so i got some more aluminium and stuck a grill on,if i go with this the grill alu and mesh will be painted Two other ideas for the front Black panel with white mesh White panel with black mesh Thats where i am at the mo. Thanks for looking
  9. There are some awesome builds here A few pics of my 343b. Will be starting work soon on a cosmos s Thanks for looking