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  1. hello here for an update. the scythe does fit into the praetorian with about a few millimetre to spare, very close shave. i love the case it's very good for airflow considering i took at every single fan out of the case fans and not running any. got a 120mm on cpu blowing through the heatsink and out the rear case vent, and thats it. cpu idles between 30- 35C on athlon64-3200 the down side is, the case is very loud for yr hard drives. it doesn't come with any rubber washers so the harderive connects directly against the chassis and amplify the sound. if yr getting this case make so u get some hard drive enclosure boxes, im looking for some now. wud apprecaite some recommendation.
  2. thanx Infinity for the insight. Wow one single fan that kicks in? what did you use to manage to configure that with what hardware and software? im guessing the single fan you're using is placed at the back of the case. Also what Psu are you using, is that passively cooled or is it a 120mm fan inside it?
  3. you're using a Hyper6+ without a fan? you sure that is wise? the only reason im getting the scythe is becuase it has been proven to cool a athlon 64 3200 with no fans needed. what is your set up? which case have you got currently?
  4. nah it will arrive sometime next week. i think the black praetorians will be hard to find soon, not many stores stock them anymore.
  5. thanks mate, il do exactly that when the case is delivered, still wating for it to arrive, can't wait!
  6. Has anyone actually manage to fit a scythe ninja inside a Praetorian 730? really interested because now i have a Praetorian, and i want to run a passive heatsink with my case.