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  1. @ mnpctech. Thank you so much sir mnpctech. Im one of your loyal fan too. God Bless you more sir
  2. Thank you so much Sir papang for giving such kind words. It inspires me more and would definitely build again PC Case mods that is out of ordinary using materials that is environment friendly too. May the Good Lord Bless us more . Good luck Sir too.
  3. The Final Version of SC2: Annihilation putting more details and painting the first made SC2 terran marine annihilation putting more details on the zerg putting more details at the back more details again at the back and the middle part of terran and this hand will serve as the support for the space crate planning to put the board emulating the zerg scratches by using a real chicken feet applying it on the front cover of the space crate this is how it looks like putting inside the motherboard laying everything inside resting the mobo inside the space cm set making an acrylic bracket for the psu something like this: need to check if the pc system really works yup its all working.... putting all the parts inside making sure that its properly connected securing the hard disk securing the bracket for the psu putting the nzxt led lights finishing the led lights and testing it with CM psu working space age cooler master sc2 inspired pc putting up the top cover of the space crate Uploading more....... the front space crate with cooler master logo and led temperature monitor another view of the front crate cm space crate with zerg scratches right side of the crate looking inside the crate with ecs logo power color logo on the side roccat logo and roccat headset and roccat keyboard and mouse to complement the whole gaming experience back portion terran marine holding the finished space crate pc lower part of terran marine with roccat gaming peripherals Presenting the CM stacraft 2: Annihilation space age crate Final Picture ( 1 hr remaining, beating the Deadline )
  4. Since, I have finished installing all pc components. Lets get back again to the the terran marine painting some of the details on the Terran Marine hoping the get the right colors......
  5. While waiting for the Resin / Volcanic Material Case. I would like to present the Products I will be using for this Project. Thank you to all who supported CM GX 550Watts CM Vortex plus ECS H57H-MUS Low Profile Radeon 5750 Hitachi 2TB HDD Intel I5 -750 lynfield procie GSkill RipJaw DDR3-1333 8gb Inside the ECS mobo box The ECS Black series all solid caps Hitachi 2tb HDD Gskill Ripjaw ddr3-1333 I need to make the load lighter, so i decided to remove the casing of the psu. warranty void. replacing it with an acrylic psu as replacement cover this is how it looks like, without the paper ofcourse placing the procie preparing the materials for CM HSF adjusting the hsf brackets applying the CM thermal paste installing the CM vortex HSF getting ready for the Gskill memory CPU, HSF and Memory now in place making sure that the mobo is properly working CM heat sink fan now working CM HSF properly installed opening screen The Low profile Powercolor Radeon 5750 Running it in full speed This is where il place the PSU and this is where il place the HDD I might change this fan to a fast and thinner 80x80x15mm fan More pics to come.....
  6. casting the Space crate. This is where well put all the Computer parts including the PSU. Most of the weight of the crate will be absorb by the terran marine head. Two arms will be just for support. There will also be a light post at the back of the crate for support. it will be seen soon.....
  7. working on the attachment to secure the arms to the body painting the arms and attaching it to the terran marine body Starting to paint the Zerg so far so good..... Giving more details on the Gun shot wound and now the stepped on zerg (back) and now the stepped on zerg (front) putting primer on Terran Marine gun and getting ready for the actual paint
  8. Rebuilding and Reconstructing again the space crate to accommodate a 244 x 244mm and 170 x 170mm motherboard. The space crate will also be made out of Resin / Fiberglass and Volcanic Debris.
  9. this is the result and some details of the revised extended Terran marine arm front view after applying the first primer, this is how it looks like: front view cleaning it up again and inspecting some flaws well done, for now..... the whole terran marine with 2nd primer applying the real color of terran marine. Blue. and now the lower part and now the FACE.....
  10. after a thorough check, the arms are a little bit short for it to fit the 244 x 244 ECS mobo. so, adjustments will be made quick. heres the exact size of the ECS H57H-mus mobo. preparing some clay heating it up for easy carving and molding applying the heated clay removing excess clay shaping it up to show more details More pics to come.......
  11. Using the same procedure as the zerg. Heres the rubber molding of the Terran Marine Manny Pacquiao watching every details in pure amazement terran marine upper part rubber molding back part preparing the moldings as well as the volcanic ash/sand already mixed all the materials include the volcanic ash / sand adding an extra pint of resin and volcanic ash /sand putting resin inside the rubber mold Joining together the front and back side of the Terran marine mold Sealing it up PUtting additional Volcanic ash / sand fill er up! after a few hours...... getting ready to see the final Terran Marine resin output hmmmm....as good so far....feet first nice crotch details... hmmm.. im satisfied with the details..... im also satisfied with the looks at the back Terran Resin meets the terran clay . looking at the back portion. removing excess resin and some flaws. Getting Ready to paint it .......
  12. well start by pouring the RTV rubber molding on top of the Zerg Clay after pouring the RTV rubber molding putting up a casted chalk around the RTV molding after a couple of hours, by taking out the clay,this is what it looks like a closer look from the inside removing all excess rubber molding needs to clean it thouroughly Preparing the Secret ingredients. mixing it up with talc Mixing up with the Most important ingredient of all..... Volcanic Ash / Sand mixed it with black coloring getting ready to mix it with fibers preparing for action putting a hardener compound pouring inside the rubber mold mixing it up with fibers filling it up this looks more like a dead rat than zerg After waiting for a few Minutes..... removing the final resin cast from the rubber mold Presenting....the Resin output of zerg Before and after. The Resin and the Clay Zerg now ready for Airbrush Painting.....