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  1. I & MaXoz is same person... I can't login user MaXoz Cheer!!!
  2. UPDATE 4 PUT SLIM FAN [scyth 1800 rpm+] also change fan color from red to white [simply clean] FINISHED Include blue red to make it like eyes siamese cat Choose snake from BP Fitting LOOK AROUND PUT SSD TO TOP OF CASE
  3. UPDATE 3 created new box for OCZ VERTEX2 120GB PUT anit-dust Re-painted back panel for mobo paint back panel inside to white color Make more space for put psu Also I change the way out of modula [From back to side] Chage case feet to hi-end case feet Design water cooling layout
  4. UPDATE 2 Started paint siamese cat psu renew to white color
  5. CPU : Intel core i5 2500k MOBO : Gigabyte P67A-UD7-B3 RAM : Corsair DOMINATOR BUS 1600 C7 VGA : Galaxy GTX480 PSU : COOLER MASTER GX550w HDD : OCZ VERTEX2 120GB CASE : CASECOM ----------------------------------------- D1