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  1. Me too ... ps/I will note about Newmodcity
  2. Update my preparation for the Light testing front I mod a few small heat sink for main white paint mod Hyper 212 cut acrylic testing mod Vga card cover test paint start setup
  3. It is a sheet styrene (used as a model )
  4. cont. I painted all white
  5. After I paint whole case and other with primer. putty I cut holes for the logo Continue grinding Results I primed it again I mastic and polished again Put this with panels with glue After, I primed it again [/center]
  6. I used Cooler Master Elite case (friends' gift) for this project My design : I started working with a sheet styrene Cut and paste to create the front panel Panel window the top complete
  7. Hi everyone. I am an modder from Viet Nam I 'm vdz, member of vozforums.com This is my project. My plan aims to show the most effective and easiest way of making a case costing less money. How to be a Swan ! [/center] I received a special gift from my friends 5 days ago case Cooler Master Elite 333