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  1. Hi. I purchased the mastercase 5 and now I want the top cover kit. Does it include the cooling bracket? The Asia Pacific region store seems to include both but the eu store doesn't. Many thanks.
  2. fadsarmy

    HAF XB

    Can the 3.5" X-doc bays be locked?
  3. fadsarmy

    PSU Installation

    HI. In the stacker 830 or Cosmos which way does the psu have to be installed?
  4. fadsarmy

    PSU Installation

    Hello. In the cases where you have to install psu at bottom can you install it either way or only one way? I don't like installing PSU with 120mm PSU fan facing down because it inhales a lot of dust. I was thinking of getting either the Stacker 830 or Cosmos.
  5. Hi. Can someone please tell me the length of the front panel audio cable in the CM Stacker 830. I want to put an Abit AW9D-MAX but the audio connector is on the extreme bottom left of the motherboard. Thanks.
  6. My motherboard has an Intel High Definition Front Panel Audio Connector. Does th CM Stacker 830 front panel audio cable simply plug into the board or does it have to be configured. Does anyone know the pin assignments?
  7. I want to buy this beautiful case. Is the front panel audio compatible with AC97 or HD audio, or both? Cheers Adam