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  1. Hey guys my name is Eidan Itzhakov. I am normally a 3d artist but I always had an interest in modding whether its cars or in this case computer cases. I did a little computer modding with my current build (the one I use for my 3d work) and its time for an upgrade! I am going to use some of my current components as I am short on money and dont have any sponsor soo...I am going to upgrade the cooling system (heat sink included) and I purchased 2 evga gtx 260 216 cores SC (which are going to be big help in my workline). my hardware I am going to use is: Cooler Master Cosmos 1000 (really hard to get a hold of but found one ) q6600 @3.2ghz Corsair H50 (I am going to mod it with a Res. and a 240 rad.) Asus P5N-D motherboard 8gb of RAM 2 gtx 260 SC in SLI 750w ultra PSU 640gb HD (if i get a sponsor or have some extra cash midway I am going to get SSD) Modding: As far as designed goes, as the name suggests, I want to go with something elegant. the color combination is going to be Gloss white (ext. abs plastic pcs.), Matte black (int. chassis), and dupli-color Shadow chrome (for bars and side trims). my PSU is already sleeved with black sleeving which is perfect, I am going to use some white sleeves on some of the extensions and other cables (ex. SATA, I/O panel cables). I am going to give both panels windows (which is why I have to spend a lot of time on cable management) I dont want a complet plexi glass window but do want it to be big. I also ordered some chrome u-channel molding, and 3m carbon fiber sheets which I am going to use on the graphic cards. I am going to strip the graphics cards paint the base in white and than wrap the accents in carbon fiber. There is a lot more to come along with some pictures. I am already starting to work on the graphics cards as I am waiting for the case to arrive. hope you like the idea and thanks for watching! -Eidan