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  1. Thank you guys! pcjunkie209 Its one Scythe Ninja 2 PaPang Please don't compare my chases to that rusty one. It was one difficult mod, and I made one full painting before applying the carbon vinyl. And it was difficult to apply especially at the corners.
  2. Hi everyone! In my project I'm going to mod one Cooler Master Elite 341 Midi Tower. Final state: Gallery with bigger images Vote on me if you like it MORE IMAGES BELOW My config: Phenom II X2 @ X4 B55 @ 3800MHZ - 1,3500V Gigabyte GA-MA785GM US2H 2 x 2GB Kingmax DDR2 800MHZ MSI GTX 560 TI TwinFrozr @ 950MHZ - 1,000V Seagate 7200.12 1TB Scythe Ninja 2 Corsair VX450 In my project I will make (or finish) the following modifications: 1; Case mod - Window mod - Front panel mod - Full body paint - 3D Carbon vinyl cover - Sound and vibration absorbing - Light mod - Cable management - Move HDD to the second 5,25" slot - Remove the unnecessary HDD holders. 2; CPU cooler mod: - Lapping - Black painting - Carbon top cower 3; DVD drive paint I don't have many images of the original state of the parts, but I will try to show how many modifications I made. I tried to make useful, good looking, and top quality modifications. I hope you will see it First I introduce the parts, and then I will show one by one what modifications I made. The Original state: Mixed pictures of the moding phases: I made one little circuit to switch the leds. When the motherboard gives the signal, then this circulation is switch on between the leds and +5V. This is needed because the motherboard can't supply enough power for the leds. I could not connect the leds directly to the PSU, because then the red HDD leds would not blink (the are behind the on-off switch). And if there some hardware problem, then the motherboard gives a blinking signal to the green Power leds. It contains two PNP transistors (one HDD and one Power), and for resistor (two for the HDD and two for the Power).